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You are up against your biggest challenge to date. You are sorely tempted. If you step inside you’ll never come out. As soon as your tastebuds have been sent into a cocoa frenzy, it is impossible to leave the Bonnoir Chocolate Shop without handfuls of chocolates, truffles and other handcrafted works of cocoa art.

By: Zoe

Five-star Chocolate Shop
Location: Granada
Birth: 2006
Stands out for: great quality and more than 150 different kinds of chocolate
Did you know? their Bombón Bonnoir won first prize in the Chocolate fair in Paris

Located in the central Birrambla square in Granada, Bonnoir is an establishment for chocolate-lovers. The minimalist space created by Humberto Torres, with the emerald lighting and whitewashed walls combined with bare brickwork, is neither lavish nor elaborate in its design, but simple and tasteful.

In order to avoid fainting from overexcitement it is recommended that you pace yourself when trying these little pieces of chocolate heaven - go slowly, as if you were sipping a fine wine. “The Bonnoir range focuses on quality above all else. There may be chocolate that is just as good, but never better. If it doesn’t meet our standards then we won’t even consider it” explains María Jesús Almagro, the heart and soul of Bonnoir. The rules are strictly applied and there are no exceptions. So wherever you look and whatever you try, you will never be disappointed.

Their pièce de resistance is the Bombón Bonnoir. A white chocolate, coffee and cognac truffle. This chocolate may be the star of the show but it is surrounded by an infinite number of other delights: there are 70 different types of chocolates, 14 truffles, 15 types of liqueur-filled chocolates, 50 types of handmade “giant chocolates”, 8 different types of chocolate slabs, 14 types of sugar-free chocolates, 35 varieties that are covered in nuts and almonds and 3 types of lenguas de gato (cat’s tongue - a type of biscuit).

Three master pastry chefs, one from France and two from Catalonia, create products exclusively for Bonnoir. Every season the brand hosts a tasting session in order to try the new creations. “We spend two years developing a liquorice flavoured chocolate until we come up with the perfect recipe. Our most recent creation is salt chocolate. The intensity of the dark chocolate weakens the dominant flavour of the salt,” explains Almagro.

Even a quick browse through this store will make your mouth water. They even sell edible 23 carat gold for decorating food, KKO (cocoa essence) and glasses of fondue au chocolate. Despite taking pride in the appearance of the products, Almagro constantly emphasises the importance of quality. “The product doesn’t need frills. It doesn’t sell itself on the way it looks, but by how it tastes. It’s a question of not underestimating the chocolate. Furthermore, the customer will buy whatever they want to buy, not want we want to sell them,” she explains.

Bonnoir was created in 2006 and has an annual turnover of 140,000 Euros. As well as selling to the public, they also prepare corporate gifts and make up orders for different events. Such great care and specialist expertise encourages customers to visit the store time after time. “We have some very exclusive customers who are quite discerning. Our job is about being able to offer them a variety that suits their taste. Nowadays clients are requesting a higher percentage of cocoa solids in their products, even reaching 100% in some cases,” Almagro points out. It is easy to be lured into this world; you just have to let the chocolate seduce you. It is best to close your eyes and let those black cotton gloves (they do not affect the temperate of the chocolate) choose the option that will send your taste buds into overdrive.