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Hotel Villa Oniria - Granada

Just a hop, skip and a jump from the bustle of Granada you’ll find this intimate boutique hotel with its laid-back pace and subtle lighting. Villa Oniria is the epitome of tranquility. With only 31 rooms it is a uniquely small-scale contemporary hotel in the city centre.

By:  Julio Ruiz
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Boutique hotel in central Granada
Location: Granada
Price: € 120
Stands out for: moody lighting and attention to detail
Did you know? they always celebrate local fiestas such as the Castañada in October

When staying at this boutique hotel in central Granada you’ll wake up with a strange but pleasant sensation. You won’t know why or how, but you’ll have slept like a baby and you’ll be grinning from ear to ear. Why? It’s all down to the airvex mattress that adapts to your body as you slumber the night away. The only problem is that as the hours slip by you’re not out and about exploring Granada. This boutique hotel on calle San Antón is an island of calm in this traffic-filled city.

The homey feel has been accomplished thanks to the work of interior designer Pascua Ortega who has made each and every bedroom one of a kind. The lighting is spot on and helps create a peaceful mood far from the traffic outside. The spacious corridors also help achieve the effect decorated with carefully selected details from Veláquez paintings throughout the 19th century palace, once the residence of a noble family from Granada.

Outside of your bedroom, the hallways are imbued with the smell of vanilla candles as you make your way to the small spa in the basement or to the patio garden with its comfortable sofas. If you’re on a budget, watch out for the extras: enjoying the spa and WIFI comes at a cost (1 hour = 6 euros). Meanwhile, use of the small gym is free.

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The hotel makes a point of celebrating local fiestas such as the Cruces de Mayo, Corpus and the Castañada de octubre. On Valentine’s day the hotel is filled to the brim with rose petals and at Christmas they serve up churros and chocolate against a backdrop of artificial snow.

There is also a fabulous restaurant on-site. La Fábula, run by Basque chef Álvara Ariaga, organizes gastronomic events featuring a wide variety of his very special recipes. His creations can be enjoyed in the garden throughout the spring, summer and early autumn: a courtyard with a large pergola filled with jasmine, magnolia and aromatic bay leaves. Amongst the pleasant surprises on offer is the Oniria cocktail (2/3 pineapple juice, 1/3 white rum, fanta limón, grenadine and lots of ice). Give it a try!

The menu includes a 50 euros tasting menu. Our favourites include the homemade foie, green apple and almond sponge, grilled scallops, papada ibérica confitada and roasted tomatoes with rocket. There is also a choice of bass, turbot, cod and tasty meat dishes (roast venison, beef steak and slowly-roasted shoulder of lamb).

From the roof terrace you can see Sierra Nevada and the Alhambra. At night candles take over throughout the hotel, including the spa. If you’d like some help planning your adventure in Granada, reception can arrange several escapes in the area including a Sierra Nevada Pack that includes ski hire and lessons, private guided tours, tickets to the Alhambra and car rentals. This is a highly recommendable four-star boutique hotel in Granada.

Getting there?

Hotel Villa Oniria
C/ San Antón, 28
Granada (Granada)

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