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Little Palaces: Top 5 Luxury Hotels in Granada

Thanks to its heritage of noble houses, many dating from the 16th century, there are a generous number of top-class luxury hotels in Granada. And whether you go for luxury with a small or capital ‘L’, the little palaces of Granada will offer you a glimpse of a sultan’s lifestyle with all the amenities of the 21st century city. Enjoy!

By:  Arpi Shiveley
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top 5 luxury hotels in granada carmen del cobertizo Hotel Carmen del Cobertizo

The more intimate scale of this charming boutique hotel reminds you that the 16th century Renaissance palace was also a home. Close enough to offer some panoramic views of the Alhambra, there are just three smallish rooms and two suites (with spiral staircases leading to mini-salons with TV and internet). Madonna blue walls are a great background for mellow antique furniture. It’s country chic rather than city chic. € 360 - € 450. (C/ Cobertizo de Santa Inés, 6, Granada, Granada).

top 5 luxury hotels in granada hotel casa del capitel nazari Hotel Casa del Capitel Nazari

Here is a small, early 16th century fusion of Renaissance and Moorish architecture, bursting with history and art. The Nazari columns dating from that time support a traditional ceiling of star shaped roof lights. Water trickles into an ancient well. There’s even an outdoor plunge pool for cooling off. Decoration is in warm terracotta and saffron colours. Staff are dignified yet friendly and helpful. Good breakfasts are served in the small café, with the rare and generous offer of free tea and cakes, the ‘merienda’, between 4pm and 6pm. € 70 - € 100. (C/ Cuesta Aceituneros, 6, Granada, Granada).

top 5 luxury hotels in granada hospes palacio de los patos Hotel Hospes Palacio de los Patos

The pale yellow exterior of this 19th century sugar baron’s mansion has become a landmark amongst luxury hotels in Granada since its restoration just three years ago. The 42 rooms (in the old mansion, bedrooms are straight out of a fairytale) have all the modern connections and contraptions you would expect. If you like to unwind with water, there’s a spa, sauna, Turkish bath, thermal pool and Jacuzzi, while bathrooms are spacious to huge. € 140 - € 250. (C/ Solarillo de Gracia, 1, Granada, Granada).

top 5 luxury hotels ingranada palacio de los navas Hotel Palacio de los Navas

Well situated near the city centre yet just 15 minutes’ walk from the Alhambra, the Palacio de los Navas is another 16th-century family palace that has been delightfully restored. 19 rooms, the smaller ones as simple as monastery cells, with lots of exposed brick and painted wood in soft stone and cream shades. There is a handsome suite with high ceilings for cool relief from the hot street. Buffet breakfasts, cocktails and snacks are served in the stone and wood café, with plenty of restaurantes almost on the doorstep. € 100 - € 118. (C/ Navas, 1, Granada, Granada).

top 5 luxury hotels ingranada villa oniria Hotel Villa Oniria

Shades of chocolate, coffee and cream, the silver sound of miniature fountains – even the muted light through the tall windows, all combine to soothe the senses. A favourite with select conference groups and well-heeled weekenders from all over Europe, the Villa Oniria’s 31 rooms are oases of calm, with gleaming bathrooms and big-name toiletries. There’s a well-equipped basement spa and gym. € 150 - € 240. (C/ San Antón, 28, Granada, Granada).



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