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La Corrala del Carbón Restaurant

A traditional menu in a location that will transport you to another era in the heart of Granada.

By:  T. de la Rosa
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Birth: 1997
Location: Granada
Founded by: Juan Anaya Medina
Price: 30 €
Stands out for: traditional style and decoration
Did you know? you can win a meal in this restaurant in our competition: Festival Cines del Sur

Located next to the legendary inn Corral del Carbón in Granada (built in the 14th century for merchants bringing their wares to the adjacent market area), the Corrala del Carbón Restaurant replicates an Andalusian patio of the same era. You’ll find all kinds of strange and wonderful things hanging from its walls: a fake balcony with a large window, a clothesline and several flowerpots, to name but a few. All of these evoke a cosy atmosphere as you enjoy the selection of traditional dishes from their menu.

The menu is best known for their meat selection. Grilled beef fillet steak, pork tenderloin, baked suckling pig and plates of ham accompany homemade dishes such as fried eggs with broken yolks, mushrooms, salmorejo, beans with Serrano ham and their delicious croquettes. For those of you who suffer from (or enjoy) an insatiable appetite, you must try the Tabla Corrala. And to end the meal, there’s nothing better than leche frita (fried milk) or their marvelous cake made with pomegranates called Lágrimas de Boabdil, or the Tears of Boabdil.

Their dining room is perfect for trying out all of these dishes, but for the more restless among you we recommend trying their tapas at the bar. From there you can observe the frenzy in the kitchen and chat to the waiters. This restaurant is an excellent choice in a city filled to the brim with restaurants to suit all tastes.

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Getting there?

La Corrala del Carbón
C/ Mariana Pineda, 8

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El 14 June 2009 a las 7:43 PM, Han Porte dijo...

Delicious food and great atmosphere. I highly recommend it for a meal in Granada.

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