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CAC Malaga - Malaga

Don’t be surprised if you see the words contemporary and avant-garde used liberally in this article. Since opening its doors in 2003 the Centre of Contemporary Art in Malaga has displayed work by cutting-edge artists from around the world. Indispensable for the city, it is rapidly becoming an international reference point and is well worth a visit.

By: Tertulia Andaluza

Centre of Contemporary Art in Malaga
Style: contemporary art
Location: Malaga
Birth: 17 February 2003
Director: Fernando Francés
Stands out for: the permanent collection - including Barceló and Uslé
Did you know? Once a month we invite artists to come and meet us our Tertulias in the CAC

One can’t write about the CAC Malaga without mentioning its location. The building that today houses this museum was once the local wholesale market. Designed for that purpose by a member of the Generation of ‘25, Luis Gutierrez Soto, its modern façade was groundbreaking at the time.

Converted into a museum, it exhibits work from the most renowned national and international artists on the scene today. Jason Rhoades, Tracey Emin, Santiago Sierra, Bill Viola, Runa Islam, Miquel Barceló, Yoshitomo Nara, Julien Opie, Ron Mueck and Juan Uslé have all graced its walls, making it a reference point for art lovers everywhere. In fact, the exhibition My Red Homeland, by the Indian artist and sculptor Anish Kapoor, was considered one of the most relevant exhibitions by the British magazine The Art Newspaper.

Its permanent collection includes work spanning various movements from throughout the 20th century. It grows in size every year via a programme through which work is purchased at ARCO, the International Contemporary Art Fair held annually in Madrid. Furthermore, the CAC publishes catalogues and art books that are both spectacularly designed and well worth collecting. According to the presentation on their website, the CAC is modelled on the German Kunsthaus (House of Art); a house that is “dynamic, open to new concepts and forms of expression in contemporary art”. This can already be appreciated in the events on offer: public workshops, courses, conferences and performances that bring to light new trends.

The current director is Fernando Francés [1]. As well as being director of the magazine Arte y Parte, he was included in the list of “Top 25 people in Art” in the newspaper El Mundo alongside artists such as Antoni Tàpies, Miquel Barceló and Antonio López. Also on the list were art critics, commissioners and directors of other avant-garde museums such as Prado, Queen Sofía and the Thyssen in Madrid. In this category there was only one Andalusian, José Guirao from Almeria, director of La Casa Encendida, a cultural centre par excellence in Madrid.

With a programme made up of more than 24 exhibits a year, the CAC is constantly on its toes. The first to become a WIFI building in Malaga and put in place solar panels as a source of energy, there are currently plans for extending the building, overseen by architect Rafael Moneo, responsible for the extension of the Museo del Prado. Yet another example of the growing tendency for avant-guard projects that are springing up around Andalusia.

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