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Malaga for 10 euros

Don’t worry about a thing. Here are some ideas to ensure that being a little low on cash doesn’t mean you’re housebound. You may not believe it, but with just ten euros in your pocket there’s an entirely new side of Malaga just waiting to be discovered.

By:  Tertulia Andaluza
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alterna Alterna Malaga

Though the name changes every year, the Malaga Youth Office (called the Delegación de Juventud in Spanish) has been organizing these alternative weekend activities for some time. What are they? Excursions, guided night time tours, workshops, concerts and film projections aimed at young people between 15 and 35 years old. Many of them are free and take place in the new complex known as La Caja Blanca - The White Box. (C/ Roger de Flor, 1, Málaga, 952040150).

Baños del Carmen Baños del Carmen

It’s not what it used to be. But we knew that already. However, there’s a chance it may soon not even be what it is. There are plans to transform this vestige of the coastline into, you guessed it, beachfront properties. Meanwhile, several associations are fighting to save these beautiful old public baths with events such as photographic and short film competitions. Getting there by bus will cost you just € 1.50. Aside from an optional coffee, all you need to do is sit back and enjoy the tranquil setting of the Baños del Carmen located near the Pedregalejo neighbourhood. €3-€10. (C/ Bolivia, 30, Málaga).

cafe con libros Café Con Libros

Aside from the price and the food, this cafe has several things to recommend it. Fresh fruit juices, sandwiches, salads, crepes, cocktails, a bohemian atmosphere, a constant stream of artwork hanging on the walls, and its location on the Plaza de la Merced. Right in the heart of Malaga, it’s a good place to drop in when you visit the Birthplace of Picasso and the Cervantes Theatre. €2- €10. (Plaza de la Merced, 19, Málaga, 952215189).

CAC malaga Centre of Contemporary Art in Malaga

Aside from the chance to visit exhibitions of work by the likes of Matthias Weischer, Chema Cobo, Tal R, Jack Pierson, Jack Pierson or Miquel Barceló without spending one measly cent, this centre for contemporary art organizes cultural activities including film projections, seminars and conferences. Free entry. (C/ Alemania, s/n, Málaga, 952120055).

centro cultural provincial ollerias Centro Cultural Provincial Ollerías (Ollerías Provincial Cultural Centre)

Conferences, workshops, concerts, theatre and film projections are the stars of this small venue on calle Ollerías. Bands such as Russian Red, The Unfinished Sympathy, Bart Davenport and Nacho Vegas have performed there, as have newcomers such as Annie B. Sweet and Audrey. The price? The maximum you’ll have to fork out is six euros. Add to that a pint before or after the show, and you’re within budget. € 4 - € 6. (C/ Ollerías, 34, Málaga, 952133950).

centro de la ciencia de malaga Centro de la Ciencia Principia (Principia Science Centre)

Did you know there was a telescope in Malaga from which to observe the stars? And did you know it was free? The Centro de la Ciencia Principia in Málaga opens its doors once a month (for three hours only) to let visitors observe the stars from its 3.5 metre diameter dome. The activity takes place thanks to the Sirio Association in Malaga. You’ll find dates on their website and obviously they depend on the weather. Free entry. (Avda. Luis Buñuel, 6, Málaga, 952070481).

forum fnac malaga FNAC Forum Malaga

Can it really be true? Good cinema, great concerts, presentations, conferences, courses and all for free? Yup! The events being organized by the new FNAC branch in Malaga cater for all tastes and ages. And that’s not all. They’re also working hard to help support emerging artists and musicians. If you want your excursion to cost you less than ten euros, you’ll need to exercise strong willpower or simply leave your wallet at home. Free entry. (C/ Armengual de La Mota, 12, Málaga, 952075801).

galería isabel hurley Isabel Hurley Gallery

One of the most famous galleries in the city, just getting there makes a visit worthwhile. Taking a walk from the centre of Malaga to the Paseo de Reding will take you around 25 minutes. Once inside the well-lit space, stand back and witness art on the cutting-edge. Buying artwork will most definitely cost you more than 10 euros, but looking won’t hurt. Free entry. (Paseo de Reding, 39, Málaga, 952223895).

paseo por la alcazaba Pleasurable walk around the Alcazaba

Ever wanted to discover Malaga from above? Start your walk at the Plaza del General Torrijos. Walk your way around the Alcazaba for a view of the port, the Alameda, the gardens of Pedro Luis Alonso and the city of Malaga. It’s only a few metres, but it’s pretty steep. You can visit the Alcazaba for € 3.45 if you want to, but the walk is free. On your way down, pop in and visit the Museo del Patrimonio Municipal. Free entry. (C/ de la Alcazabilla, 2, Málaga, 952217646).

restaurante pepa y pepeRestaurante Pepa y Pepe

This is the place to try classic Malaga tapas in the heart of Málaga without breaking the bank. It’s almost always heaving, especially with young people, so finding a place to perch and enjoy your food will be pretty difficult. The small establishment serves fish that is not only delicious, but cheap and fried to perfection (something you’ll come to appreciate). With two medias (half rations) and a glass of something to drink, the bill will come to under ten euros. €5-€10. (C/ Calderería, 9, Málaga). Foto: © Frank Schulz.

terraza los paraguitas Terraza Los Paragüitas

We discovered it one day from the roof of the AC Hotel in Malaga. Amongst some trees on the left side of the Paseo del Parque, we saw some lights shining in the distance and a small screen on which a film was being projected on a hot summer night. We made our way down to discover an open-air venue offering food and drinks as well as cultural activities including films and poetry recitals. The price depends on how thirsty you are! Free entry. (Paseo del Parque, s/n, Málaga).

ZZ Pub ZZ Pub

Mondays, covers. Tuesdays, blues and rock. Wednesdays, soul. The programme for the rest of the week is filled with Malaga bands performing at what is now one of the only live music venues left in downtown Malaga. All concerts are free, so what you spend will depend on how much you consume. The prices are pretty steep, but if you restrain yourself and stick to just the one, you’ll keep within budget. Free entry. (C/ Tejón y Rodríguez, 6, Málaga, 952441595).


Pon tu propia imagen con Gravatar
El 22 October 2009 a las 7:41 AM, ricardo dijo...

falta el MIMMA!… imprescindible sus actividades son gratuitas

Pon tu propia imagen con Gravatar
El 27 October 2009 a las 9:28 AM, kobayeshi dijo...

Más info sobre Málaga en MALAGAZINE, una publicación online dedicada al Ocio y la Cultura Alternativa que se desarrolla día a día e incluye una completa agenda con numerosas secciones de gran interés, además de un cuidado diseño… una web de consulta obligada para saber por dónde moverse en Málaga… Quien quiera saber qué se cuece en nuestras calles, conocer las nuevas tendencias de la ‘movida malagueña’ o enterarse de dónde tapear como un rey sin dejarse el sueldo en ello, aquí esta la respuesta:

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El 27 October 2009 a las 5:05 PM, LouMetal dijo...

Por favor incluir las salas como Eventual o Vivero que tienen conciertos a 5 euros, aunque no sea siempre.

Pon tu propia imagen con Gravatar
El 2 November 2009 a las 9:27 AM, David dijo...

This is a great piece as I am new to living in Malaga and want to find out where it is I can go, I love to City and really want to find some culture. Can the same be found in Marbella?

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ñïàñèáî çà èíôó!…

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