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Wine tours in and around Ronda

Whether you’re an expert or aficionado of fine wine, don’t miss out on discovering the wines produced in and around the Serrania de Ronda mountains. Here’s a guide to the best vineyards and wine tourism in the area. Just make sure someone else is driving you home!

By:  Julio Ruiz
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guide to wine in and around ronda bodega cezarBodega Cezar

Their reds, whites and sweet wines have won gold and silver medals in the 2009 Mezquita Awards, CINVE 09 and Iverwine 2009. This winery deserves a visit not just for the chance to savour their taste, but also to enjoy the surrounding scenery. Founded by Swedish Rickard Enkvist, Enkvist Wines are produced at his spectacular finca in Gaucin. There are a variety of packages on offer, as well as the chance to stay overnight. € 20-89. Only by appointment. (Finca Buenavista, Gaucin, Malaga).

guide to wine in and around ronda Bodega conradBodega Conrad

Founded in 1999 at the foot of the Sierra de las Nieves (Ronda), the Conrad Winery creates wines of superb quality via a viticultural system that respects and works in harmony with nature and the beautiful surrounding landscape. Their wines are unique, produced in small quantities and stand out for their intense and elegant flavours. (Ctra. Ronda a El Burgo, Km. 4, Ronda, Malaga).

guide to wine in and around ronda Bodega Cortijo Los AguilaresBodega Cortijo Los Aguilares

This Andalusian wine was awarded the 2009 Gold Medal for Best Pinot Noir at the Mondial du Pinot Noir in Switzerland: a fantastic boost for this relatively young winery producing wines in Malaga from their location more than 900 metres above sea level. Wine tasting and guided tours to both their vineyards and winery are on offer. € 20. (Puente de la Ventilla, Ctra. Ronda a Campillos, Km.5, Ronda, Malaga).

guide to wine in and around ronda Bodegas Cuesta La VinaBodegas Cuesta La Viña

1.6 hectares of land near Ronda filled with Tempranillo, Shiraz, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir vines. Traditional cultivation is used to produce modern and surprising wines under the label Jorge Bonet. Their rose is particularly impressive. A tour of the winery and wine tasting will set you back € 12. (Finca Cuesta la Viña, Ctra. A-2300, Montecorto, Ronda, Malaga).

guide to wine in and around ronda Bodega Descalzos ViejosBodega Descalzos Viejos

Founded in the year 2000, Bodegas Descalzos Viejos has produced three wines: DV+ 2004 (Cabernet Sauvignon, Syra and Garnacha), DV 2006 (Syrah, Merlot, Garnacha) and their Chardonnay 2006. Located in the chapel of a 16th century Trinitarian convent, this winery is not just appealing to your taste buds but also easy on the eye. A guided visit and wine tasting in this impressive building only 3 minutes by car from the centre of Ronda comes to € 18-30. Only by appointment. (C/ Montes, 40, Ronda, Malaga).

guide to wine in and around ronda Bodega Dona FelisaBodega Doña Felisa

This family winery has managed to take its Chinchilla wines to far-flung places such as New York, Dublin, London, Mexico, Switzerland, Germany and Hong Kong. But that’s not all. Famous chefs are using it in their gastronomic creations. Young and Crianza wines, red wines, rose wines and orujo make up their list of products. A guided visit and wine tasting comes to only € 12. (C/ Cordel del Puerto al Quejigal, s/n, Ronda, Malaga).

guide to wine in and around ronda Bodega F. SchatzBodega F. Schatz

This German winery founded by Friedrich Schatz was the first in Ronda and the first organic winery in the province of Malaga. Amongst its red, white and rose wines - six in total - we recommend trying F. Schatz Acinipo 2002. A small family winery that respects organic cultivation and artisan producton. Winery tour and winetasting, € 25. Only by appointment. (Finca La Sanguijuela, Ctra. MA-449 Setenil-Ronda La Vieja, Ronda, Malaga).

guide to wine in and around ronda bodega Joaquin FernandezBodega Joaquín Fernández

There are two things that make these wines special. They’re both organic and produced in Ronda. Founded in 2001, this winery is working alongside the University of Seville to produce an indigenous yeast to produce a totally local wine. To visit the vineyard, winery and taste their wines (tapa included) you’ll only need to fork out € 11. (Finca Los Frutales, Paraje Los Frontones, Ronda, Malaga).

guide to wine in and around ronda bodega KieningerBodega Kieninger

The Austrian Kieninger family took a chance and brought several Austrian grape varieties with them when they moved to Ronda. The result: a winery producing two delicious organic wines in the Serrania de Ronda mountains: 7 vin and Vinana. Visit and wine tasting, € 50. They also run a rural guesthouse. (Huerta Corchero. Los Frontones, 67, Ronda, Malaga).

guide to wine in and around ronda bodega Los BujeosBodega Los Bujeos

This winery is part and parcel of a rural hotel in Ronda known as El Juncal. This is the place to kick back and relax. The star of this winery is their Pasos Largos, a red wine considered to be one of the best in Spain. They offer guided tours of the finca, winery, vineyards and the chance to taste their wines. Price available on request. (Hotel Bodega El Juncal. Ctra. de Roda el Burgo, Km 1,, Ronda, Malaga).

guide to wine in and around ronda Bodegas Sangre de RondaBodegas Sangre de Ronda

Only a few metres from the centre of Ronda, the winery Sangre de Ronda (the blood of Ronda) offers wine tasting workshops and guided tours of both their winery and vineyards. One of the most popular options for tourists visiting the city of the Tajo, a day of wine tourism in Ronda includes a visit to the Museum of Wine, their winery, the vineyards and the chance to savour their produce. € 40. (C/ González Campos, 2, Ronda, Malaga).

guide to wine in and around ronda Bodegas VetasBodegas Vetas

The Petit Verdot produced by this winery from Arriate is the guilty pleasure of Juan Manuel Vetas Martín. Oenologist and founder of the winery, Vetas Martín had worked for established French and Andalusian wineries before deciding to set up on his own. A hectare of vines that creates award winning wines. A visit to the vineyard, winery and two glasses of wine comes to € 10. (Finca El Baco, Camino Nador, Arriate, Malaga).

guide to wine in and around ronda Bodegas ViloriaBodegas Viloria

The Viloria Winery uses each and every one of its six hectares to create wines under the Lagarejo label. The visit, that lasts about an hour, consists in tasting their produce, a tour of the winery and vineyard, as well as helping in the production process of their three wines - their young red, Crianza red and white wine. € 12. (Finca Viloria Ctra. Ronda-Acinipo, Ronda, Malaga).



Pon tu propia imagen con Gravatar
El 25 February 2010 a las 9:35 PM, Wim dijo...

Para la gente de Holanda y de Bélgica (los Flamencos) info sobre
Descalzos Viejos y Schatz en

un saludo
el Flamenco de Ronda

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El 1 June 2011 a las 10:01 PM, Fernando Escolano dijo...

Yo estoy en Madrid y pertenezco este mundo maravilloso del vino y visito muchas Bodegas no solo de aqui si no de Rioja , Ribera del Duero , Somontano , Cariñena , etc y ninguna cobra tanto por las visitas , sinceramente me parecen unos precios desmesurados y para pensarse si ir a verlas. Aqui los precios medios y normales se situan entorno a los 6 - 10 € , es mi opinion personal al tema de las visitas a bodegas.

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El 24 November 2011 a las 4:54 PM, Melanie dijo...

necesito un maridaje para un atún. He leido en diferentes paginas que lo mejor es una vino tinto joven..
Creeis que es el adecuado?
Serian tan amables de decirme algunas marcas…
U ofrecerme otros maridajes… ?




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