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Bodegas Campos Restaurant

In the heart of the neighbourhood known as la Axerquía in Cordoba, in a building that dates back to 1706, you’ll find one of the most characteristic restaurants in the city. When eating in either their tavern or labyrinth of dining rooms, you’ll have the chance of trying the best of traditional andalusian gastronomy.

By:  Irene Ríos
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Traditional Restaurant
Birth: 1989 (as a restaurant)
Type: traditional
Location: Cordoba
Price: 50 to 150 €
Stands out for: the labyrinthine arquitecture and network of dining rooms
Did you know? the Spanish royal family, Tony Blair and many famous artists have eaten at Bodegas Campos

Since 1908 Bodegas Campos has occupied this labyrinth of rooms and patios. A traditional restaurant with classic service, Bodegas Campos started out in life as the wine cellar of Montilla Moriles (D.O. Cordoba). In 1964 Bodegas Campos opened up its wine cellars to visitors from Cordoba and abroad. The Cordoban patios that open out of the small passageways and staircases join together the various houses, dining and reception rooms in a labyrinth of history and architecture from just about every period in Cordoban history. It is one place you must visit on a trip to the city. A pit stop for famous personalities from the Spanish Royal Family, flamenco musicians, and famous bullfighters, they usually sign the wine barrels on display with signatures including that of Tony Blair.

In 1989 it began its life as a restaurant. Traditional dishes that use delicious raw materials. We were particularly impressed by their meats and jamon iberico de bellota (Iberian ham from acorn-fed pigs), but there is much, much more to choose from. The artichokes in a sauce made from boletus mushrooms is spectacular and melts in your mouth. The deserts are revisited classics, are well worth tasting to round off the meal. Leave a little space.

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The modern touches they have introduced onto the menu have in no way altered the spirit and overall experience of Bodegas Campos. The restaurant is divided into what feels like a never-ending series of private dining and reception rooms. The tavern on the other hand is a little less formal, serving with rations and tapas many of which also appear on their restaurant menu. It is the perfect opportunity to try a range of dishes accompanied by wines from their very own wine cellar. Don’t forget to ask that one of their staff take you around the entire restaurant. You won’t be disappointed. At Tertulia Andaluza we believe this to be one of the best classic restaurants to taste real Andalusian cooking in ideal and stunning surroundings.

Getting there?

Restaurante Bodegas Campos
C/ Los Lineros, 32

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