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Ronda for 10 euros

If you’re starting to think that you need to stay home to save money, we’re here to prove you wrong. Here are a bunch of ideas for exploring the best nooks and crannies in Ronda, without needing a mortgage!

By: Tertulia Andaluza

ronda for 10 euros arab bathsBaños Árabes (Arab Baths)

Built in the 13th and 14th century, the Baños Árabes in Ronda are the most well conserved in the area. Located on calle San Miguel, in the old arab quarter of the city, these baths are made up of three main rooms: cold, warm and hot. With rib vaults and star-shaped lunettes that light the baths, visitors can enjoy horseshoe arches and brick columns as well as take a peek at the remains of the original water boiler. € 3. (C/ San Miguel s/n, Ronda [1], Malaga [2]). Photo © Juan José López [3]

ronda for 10 euros Bar El LechuguitaBar El Lechuguita

If you ask around for a place to eat good and cheap food, you’ll hear about El Lechuguita. You’ll find dozens of classic Andalusian tapas on their menu including lomo en manteca, boquerones and ensaladilla rusa. The servings aren’t all that big, but they’re good value. From € 0.70. (C/ Virgen de los Remedios 35, Ronda [1], Malaga [2]). Photo © Rosana Moreno [4]

ronda for 10 euros Bar FaustinoBar Faustino

This is a great bar for watching the hours pass while you enjoy a good meal. Popular amongst locals, Bar Faustino serves up a simple, classic and cheap selection of tapas that range from Serranitos (little grilled pork fillets with Serrano ham and green peppers) to grilled mushrooms with garlic. You’ll find a typical Andalusian patio in the interior of the bar and friendly staff. From € 0.80. (C / Santa Cecilia, 4, Ronda [1], Malaga [2]).

ronda for 10 euros Bodega VetasBodega Vetas

Nurtured by Juan Manuel Vetas Martón, enologist and founder of the winery who has worked with several well-known French and Andalusian wineries, the wines created from Petit Verdot at this winery in Arriate are worth a taste. A visit to the vines, winery and two glasses of wine will cost you only € 10. (Finca El Baco, Camino Nador, Arriate, Malaga [2]).

ronda for 10 euros bono turisticoBono Turístico

If you’ve got your heart set on visiting all the monuments in Ronda, you should probably head to the local tourist information office and buy a special tourist pass (bono turístico). For less than ten euros you’ll gain access to the Puente Nuevo Internpretation Centre, the Casa del Gigante, the Palace of Mondragon, the Arab Baths and the Joaquín Peinado Museum. € 9. (Paseo Blas Infante, s/n, Ronda [1], Malaga [2]).

ronda for 10 euros cafeteria chocolatCafetería Chocolat
This coffee shop is a cosy corner to while away the hours in the heart of Ronda. Chocolate and a wide variety of teas are the stars of the show. If you’re feeling a little cold, make sure you try their exquisite and thick hot chocolate. You’ll also find dozens of homemade chocolates in their showcases, alongside a wide selection of pastries. € 7. (C/ Carrera Espinel, 9, Ronda [1], Málaga [2]).
ronda for 10 euros DaverConfitería Daver [5]

In winter time it’s the perfect hideaway for having a coffee with one of their delicious cakes or miniature pastries. Don’t forget to try their tarta Ópera, one of the hallmarks of this classic family pastry shop owned by the Verdú family who make all their products by hand. Watch out when looking at their delicatessen products, because you’ll find yourself over budget! € 7-9. (C/ Los Remedios, Ronda [1], Malaga [2]). Photo © Cecilia Bogaard [6]

ronda for 10 euros xxxxxDisco Pub 7 Budas

The recently opened 7 Buddhas has quickly become the point of reference for nights out in Ronda. The ethnic style contrasts perfectly with the electronic music that fills the venue every night. A club and bar, this is the place to be for young people out and about in Ronda. They also organize monologue nights. Free entry. (Maestro de Obras Díaz Machuca, s/n, Ronda [1], Malaga [2]).

ronda for 10 euros ENbiciENbici

If you’re into surveying the world by bicycle, then ENbici is on your side to help you take over the streets of Ronda. With pick up points at the Casa de la Juventud, municipal swimming pool, bus station, Avenida de Blas Infante, Plaza de la Merced and the plaza del Ayuntamiento, taking part is easy. All you have to do is fill out a form, hand in a photocopy of your ID card and your credit card. (Paseo de Blas Infante, s/n, Ronda [1], Malaga [2]). Photo © Cecilia Bogaard [6]

ronda for 10 euros Herbolario Santa AnaHerbolario Santa Ana

A wave of alternative therapies has reached the streets of Ronda and several centres are now beginning to offer yoga and tai-chi classes. Meanwhile the health food shop Santa Ana is introducing natural medicine to the city of Ronda. You can also come here for a massage. While you’re there, why not get some tea or ecological products? A half hour massage will cost € 10. (C/ Padre Mariano Soubiron, s/n, Ronda [1], Malaga [2]). Photo © Rosana Moreno Gonzalez [4]

ronda for 10 euros La Algaba de RondaLa Algaba de Ronda [7]

An old farmhouse situated on the outskirts of Ronda is home to a unique initiative that promotes sustainability and environmental education. Amongst over sixty hectares of Mediterranean forest they’ve created a Neolithic village that takes up more than 4,500 m2 and recreates human settlement over five thousand years ago. A voyage back in time to the history of Andalusia. € 5 - € 10. (Ctra. Ronda Algeciras, Km. 4,5, Ronda [1], Malaga [2]). Photo © Cecilia Bogaard [6]

ronda for 10 euros Museo Joaquin PeinadoJoaquín Peinado Museum

The Palace of the Marquis of Moctezuma, from Aztec ancestry, houses the works of Ronda-born painter Joaquín Peinado, considered one of the most important Spanish painters of all time. More than 190 pictures cover the walls of this 18th century building that functions as the ideal showcase for works created by this versatile artist. € 4. (Plaza del Gigante s/n , Ronda [1], Malaga [2]).

ronda for 10 euros Plaza de Toros de RondaPlaza de Toros de Ronda [8]

The oldest bullring in Spain and one of the most visited monuments in Andalusia, no trip to Ronda is complete without visiting this spectacular architectural masterpiece. The Plaza de Toros (bullring) is a unique listed monument declared a Bien de Interés Cultural (Property of Cultural Interest) in 1993, it is owned by the Royal School of Cavalry in Ronda. Take a look at their Bullfighting Museum, the Royal Saddlery, and their collection of antique weapons. € 4 - € 6. (C/ Virgen de la Paz, 15, Ronda [1], Malaga [2]). Photo © Cédric Martinez [9]

ronda for 10 euros Bar 7 de CopasPub 7 de Copas

One of the last vestiges for live music in the city of Ronda, 7 de copas organizes all kinds of events including jazz concerts and film screenings. With a hippie vibe and friendly staff, you’re sure to make friends quickly. € 5. (Paseo Blas Infante, s/n, Ronda [1], Malaga [2]). Photo © Rosana Moreno Gonzalez [4]

ronda for 10 euros Restaurante AlmocabarRestaurante Almocabar

In the midst of the San Francisco neighbourhood, looking out on the stone plaza where old men sit about and chat for hours, you’ll find Restaurante Almocabar with its menu bursting with seasonal dishes. If you make your way through the door on the right you can taste some of their montaditos for little more than three euros and accompany them with a glass of wine. If you take the door on your left, it’ll cost you a little more. € 8. (Alameda Ruedo, 5, Ronda [1], Málaga [2]). Photo © Cecilia Bogaard [6]

ronda for 10 euros Tienda El PensamientoTienda El Pensamiento

This little shop in the centre of Ronda was created to make dreams come true for kids and adults alike. It’s been doing so since 1858. Toy hot air baloons hang from the ceiling and the window is packed with spinning tops and toys made from tin, wood and cloth. This is a space for letting your imagination run wild. You can visit for for free, which sometimes is enough to make your day. But to take something home will cost anywhere from € 4. (C/ Espiner, 16, Ronda [1], Malaga [2]).

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