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Vegetarian Restaurants in Seville (Andalusia)

Want to know where to go to eat beetroot salmorejo, spinach balls or even a vegetable pie in Seville? What about getting your hands on organic tomatoes, shitake mushrooms, carrot cake with no added preservatives or a loaf of pumpkin seed bread? Restaurants, bars, bakeries, supermarkets and more for vegetarians in Seville.

By:  Elsa Cabria
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vegetarian restaurants in seville la ilustre victimaLa Ilustre Víctima Bar/Cafe

A friendly cafe, tapas restaurant and bar with its very own terrace in the centre of Seville. The Illustre Víctima has a menu that blends Mexican food (quesadillas), tapas (salmorejo with cheese and grapes) and Middle Eastern fast-food (kebabs and falafels). There is an extensive range of tapas and raciones for carnivores and vegetarians. Our favourites are the cheese shawarmas and vegetable couscous. The vegetarian highlights include the spinach balls with pine nuts, zucchini stuffed with Roquefort and Camembert with raspberry sauce. There is also an extensive tea menu. € 3 - € 12. (C/ Correduría 35, Seville)

vegetarian restaurants in seville Bar El PaladarBar El Paladar

Located near the Alameda de Hércules this small tapas bar serves cheap tapas and raciones for omnivores in Seville. Take the time to taste the spinach croquetas while sitting out on the sidewalk to watch the world go by. They don’t take reservations and only serve dinner (after 20:00) so they are usually full. You can however eat at the bar. The cheese salad goes well with the vegetarian couscous, spinach cannelloni with mushrooms and pine nuts, aubergine with parmesan, papas con mojo (gravy potatoes) and homemade red pepper and mushroom tart. You’ll be more than satisfied! € 2.50 - € 8. (C/ Lumbreras, 14, Seville)

vegetarian restaurants in seville huerta mediterraneaBar La Huerta Mediterránea

It’s a pleasant surprise to find a selection of eleven vegetarian tapas on a traditional tapas menu that includes fried food, montaditos, meat and fish. Options such as leek quiche, salmorejo, grilled vegetables or even cauliflower and pesto croquetas are a delight for vegies in Seville. There are also cheese platters (the grilled goats cheese with peppers is delicious) and a selection of salads. Keep in mind that they are tapa-sized portions so you’ll need at least three to fill a hungry stomach. La Huerta Mediterránea is located in the Plaza de los Terceros which in itself is worth a visit. € 2.20 - € 5.50. (Plaza de Los Terceros, 9, Seville)

vegetarian restaurants in seville HiperorienteHipermercado Hiperoriente

Coming across this oriental market is a pleasant surprise. With the help of Sandra, the Spanish sales assistant, this is the place to discover a world filled with shitake mushrooms or to learn titbits of culinary information (Did you know that you should buy bamboo whole, that agar-agar seaweed can substitute spaghetti or that textured soy protein is good for making vegie hamburgers?). Most of the food here is imported from China, India and Japan, but they also sell some European products. Check out their frozen food section. (Avda. Kansas City 1 y 3, C/ Aponte, 4, Seville)

vegetarian restaurants in seville Artesano Das BrotDas Brot Bakery

This bakery sells bread prepared in their volllkornbackstube (artisan bread oven). Birgit Auschner bakes the bread in Facinas (Cadiz) and sells it to homes and shops in Seville: ecological whole-grain bread with no preservatives or additives. Buckwheat, rye, pumpkin seeds, soya bean bread (delicious!), hazelnut, walnut and almond bread… They also have some spectacular cakes that cost up to € 2.90 per portion (the most popular being the cheese and chocolate cake). Carrot and almond cake, cherry cake, mushroom quiche, spinach quiche, mixed vegetable quiche and more. € 3.60 - € 6.20 / kilo. (C/ San Luis, 72, Seville)

vegetarian restaurants in seville pasteleria veganitessenVeganitessen cake shop

Located in the Arenal market in Seville, Veganitessen is the best option for vegans in the city. This is where to come if you’re looking for gluten free food or is you suffer from diabetes or allergies to eggs or wheat. Highlights include cheese cake and cardamom or tutti frutti muffins. They also have a wide variety of fruit juices and teas. If you’ve got a sweet tooth (when you really shouldn’t), this is the place for you. For € 12 you can experiment and try a selection of foods. There are savory dishes too, including shots of pumpkin soup or vegetarian cheese with chives and vegan caviar. (Puesto 32, Mercado del Arenal, C/ Pérez Landero, s/n, Seville)

vegetarian restaurants in seville AlmanaraAlmanara Restaurant

They call themselves vegie territory and are perfectly located on the Alameda de Hércules, which means that their terrace is full on sunny days in Seville. They offer tapas (their salmorejo is delicious), but your best bet is to try some of their main dishes. Our recommendation for two: a starter of vegetable tempura with romisco sauce and either aubergine or zucchini tortilla. For your main course try the seafood spaguetti with balsamic dressing (we’d like the recipe please) and the soya bolonese or vegetable balls. If you’re sharing you’ll have a little room left over for dessert. (Alameda de Hércules 85, Seville)

vegetarian restaurants in seville Restaurante GaiaRestaurante Gaia

Just three streets away from the Mandrágora you’ll find this cosy vegan / vegetarian restaurant in Seville. Popular dishes include burghul wheat, humous (delicious!) and the beetroot salmorejo (take note all those who love cooking!). There is an ecological menu of the day from Monday to Friday at lunch time (they are open every day, except Sunday nights) and offer catering and takeout. (C/ Luis de Vargas, 4 y 6, Seville)

vegetarian restaurants in seville Restaurante HabanitaHabanita Restaurant

Hidden behind the Alfalfa plaza, it’s not 100% vegetarian, but they do create dishes that contain neither meat or fish. Their slogan is “Our secret is in the taste” and their objective is curious indeed: the combination of Cuba and vegetables. Enjoy their Caribbean dishes on their peaceful terrace or inside the restaurant. Arepa (with beans, pisto, cheese and zucchini), yucca with mojo sauce, beans and rice or even banana balls. Their vegie dishes include: the seven mushrooms, spinach balls, salmorejo toast, cheese and nuts. There is a gluten-free menu and one for the blind. (C/ Golfo 3, Seville)

vegetarian restaurants in seville Restaurante Mama TerraMama Terra Restaurant

A fast-food restaurant in Seville that started out selling 100% ecological products (not any more) and still maintains some of its original spirit with a menu that includes eight hamburgers for vegetarians: from the Classic hamburger to the Garden hamburger (with grilled vegetables and cheese), or even the Special hamburger (with soya sauce, rocket, tomatoes, lettuce and guacamole) or any of the above with tofu. There is a menu of the day (including a drink and dessert) for € 6. There is also a garden pizza and a wide selection of seasonal fresh fruit juices. A good choice if you’re eating on the run and need a vegetable hit. (Paseo de Cristina, 3, Seville)

vegetarian restaurants in seville restaurante mandragoraMandrágora Restaurant

Owner Paco Mallén describes it as a “vegetarian restaurant for non-vegetarians”. It’s the oldest in Seville (founded in 1987) and changes the menu every week. Open on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. There are starters for € 6.20 (such as the delicious vegetable puff pastry or tortilla with sofritada) and main dishes for € 9 (the fabulous vegetable pie and eggplant stuffed with mushrooms). Take note: they may be healthy dishes but they are filling. Don’t over order. As of September 2011 they are adding meat and fish to the menu. They don’t accept credit cards. (C/ Albuera, 11, Seville)

vegetarian restaurants in seville ShalimarShalimar Restaurant

The vegetarian options at this Indian restaurant in Seville include vegetarian samosas, bhaji onions, a rice platter (with mushrooms or peas) followed by daal tarka (red lentils) to complete the feast. Vegetable korma (with a delicious dried fruit sauce), aloo palek (chickpeas with spinach sauce) and aloo chana (chickpeas with tomato and potatoes). To dip into the array of sauces don’t forget to order garlic, coconut, raisin or honey naan bread. If you’ve got a little room left over, try their classic Indian tea. Open every day. (C/ Javier Lasso de la Vega 9, Seville)

vegetarian restaurants in seville Supermercado ecologico gaiaEcological Supermarket Gaia

Next to Gaia Restaurant you’ll find this ecological supermarket filled with ecological fruit, vegetables, oils and wines. In collaboration with Das Brot they sell artisan breads. They also have an alternative selection of books and information about acupuncture. Gaia offers workshops, conferences on subjects including vegetarian cooking. Learn the theory and practice of making salads according to colours and textures, as well as cooking basic dishes using soya milk or tofu, soups, traditional dishes, desserts or more complex meals…. (C/ Luis de Vargas, 4 y 6, Seville)



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El 29 March 2011 a las 9:28 AM, Alexei! dijo...

Uou, leyendo éste repaso a los locales vegetarianos en Sevilla (y sitios no específicamente vegetas que contemplan en la carta también platos que atienden directamente a quienes siguen ésta filosofía de vida) se me ocurre que igual podríais hacer una serie así que recogiera los principales restaurantes, taperías y tiendas a lo largo de Andalucía afines al tema.

Creo que sería bastante interesante, no solo para los vegetarianos, sino para quienes no lo son: mucha gente, por ideas preconcebidas, se está perdiendo bastantes sabores, lugares e ideas interesantes para un tapeo, o para la vida diaria…

…Y nada, pues que una buena entrada ésta Tertulia, un abrazo!

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El 29 March 2011 a las 9:52 AM, Lakshmi I. Aguirre dijo...

¡Oído cocina!

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El 2 April 2011 a las 2:54 PM, Amada Tierra dijo...

Lo mismo digo, Alexei.

Como “vegeta” que soy, me encanta hacer turismo gastronómico :D Y si voy acompañada de algún omnívoro, poder sugerir algún sitio interesante en el que me pueda comer algo más que una ensalada mixta sin atún :P

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