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Seville for 10 euros

Do you sometimes feel as if it’s impossible to step out of the house without it costing a fortune? If you’re looking for a fresh perspective, here are some ideas for visiting Seville with only ten euros in your pocket. No more excuses! Get off the sofa and explore the city.

By:  Tertulia Andaluza
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seville for 10 euros avenida cinco cinesAvenida 5 Cines

The best cinema to watch independent original language films with subtitles in Seville. Rather than trekking out to the suburbs to an impersonal shopping centre, this cinema is located in the very centre of the city. It’s not the most modern cinema around, but the programme on offer is excellent. This five-screen cinema shows films of every genre. € 5 - € 6. (C/ Marques de Paradas, 15, Seville).

seville for 10 euros boreasBoreas

Finding a modern menu for foodies without it breaking the bank is getting harder every day. Boreas restaurant in the centre of Seville is an exception. Don’t miss out on their pluma ibérica with gnocchi and their asparagus served with eggplant, both delicious. Another option is just work your way through the menu over time. At lunchtime they offer a set menu for € 9.95. (Plaza Puerta Real, 6 & Alameda de Hercules, 61, Seville,

seville for 10 euros casa de la cienciaCasa de la Ciencia

Promoting science is the fundamental aim of this centre located in the Peruvian Pavilion. Photography exhibitions focused on nature, indigenous peoples and the universe are just some of the activities on offer. The programme also includes film projections and audiovisual presentations, several of which have strong links to the Doñana National Park. Free entry. (Pabellón de Perú, Avda. de María Luisa, s/n, Seville, 954232349,

seville for 10 euros casa joaquinCasa Joaquin

There are still places left where a bottle of beer will only cost you 50 cents. It’s true! For half a euro you can buy a little bottle of beer and kick back in the Plaza San Juan de la Palma in the centre of Seville. So, if you want to avoid the crowds on a weekend in the city, this is the best option. But remember, it’s not a bar, just a little shop run by Joaquín offering up beer and some benches on the square outside. (Plaza de San Juan de la Palma, 16, Seville).

seville for 10 euros centro andaluz de arte contemporaneoCentro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo

Since 1990 this contemporary art centre has been bringing groundbreaking contemporary art to Andalusia. A trip to the CAAC is a great way to connect with what’s hot on the national and international scene via exhibitions of paintings and other artistic disciplines. € 1.80 - € 3.01. Free entry on Tuesdays. (Monasterio de la Cartuja de Santa María de Las Cuevas, Avda. Américo Vespucio, 2, Seville).

seville for 10 euros sala joaquin turinaCentro Cultural Cajasol

The heart of Seville is also home to the Cajasol Social Work Foundation. Flamenco music, chamber music, ancient music, world music and young artists… all of this and more are available in the free concerts and exhibitions they organize, not to mention the alternative film screenings. So, what’s missing? Popcorn. Free entry. (C/ Laraña, 4, Seville, 954508200).

seville for 10 euros extraverdeExtraverde

They call themselves an Oil Bar & Shop. If you’re looking for a variety of olive oils and related products, a visit to Extraverde will give you the chance to taste the options and try out some of their culinary creations, as well as taking a bottle home with you. In keeping with their slogan “it’s not all going to be about olive oil!”, they serve a daily tapa for only € 1.50 and a fantastic selection of cheeses. What you spend on drinks is up to you! (Plaza Doña Elvira, Seville,

seville for 10 euros el fotomataEl Fotómata

Their photography courses aren’t free, but a visit to their temporary photographic exhibitions won’t cost you a thing. A gallery displaying work by various national and international photographers with unique and varied visions trying to make sense of the world. A home for photography in the centre of Seville. Free entry. (C/ Mata, 20, Seville).

seville for 10 euros fundacion tres culturasFundación Tres Culturas

The majestic Moroccan Pavilion built for the 92 Expo has been converted into a foundation working to unite Christian, Jewish and Muslim cultures throughout the world. Their cultural activities include film screenings, concerts, presentations, conferences and workshops. The building itself and a tour of their library are worth the visit. Free entry. (Pabellón Hassan II, C/ Max Planck, 2, Isla de la Cartuja, Seville).

seville for 10 euros galeria gp13Galería GP13

This gallery in the city of Seville covers its white walls with contemporary works of great quality. Paintings, photography and sculpture are all featured in their exhibitions of work by artists such as Emilio Fornieles, a very special find indeed. An artistic centre that deserves your attention in this small gallery in Seville. Free entry. (C/ Jesús del Gran Poder, 13, Seville)

seville for 10 euros libreria la arañaLibrería La Araña Bookshop

Cinema, music, theatre, science fiction and horror. TV, radio, photography, adventure and fantasy. You’ll find all kinds of books in this bookshop in Seville, alongside several activities such as film screenings and exhibitions. A multifunctional space that won’t cost you a thing to visit. Free entry. (C/ Amargura, 8, Local A, Seville, 954380679,

seville for 10 euros rayuela bookshopLibrería Rayuela Bookshop

This is without a doubt the best children’s bookshop in the capital of Andalusia. Both of its two stores, one at Plaza de la Encarnación and the other in Plaza Nueva, offer a fine selection of children’s books, stories, games and novels - Bárbara Fiore Books included. They often organize free storytelling for kids. (Plaza de la Encarnación, Seville, 954228834,

seville for 10 euros nave espacialLa Nave Spacial

With its futuristic name, the Nave Spacial is a new contemporary art gallery run by Juan Ramón Barbancho and several artists including Marcos Fernández and Rorro Berjano. An exhibition space for new artistic proposals from the national scene. Amongst its activities you’ll find conferences, film screenings and exhibitions. Free entry. (Plaza del Pelícano, 4, local 1, Seville, 670992889,

seville for 10 euros el perro andaluzEl Perro Andaluz

Taking the name of the legendary film by Buñuel and Dalí, the Perro Andaluz offers a wide selection of music, poetry (organized in collaboration with El Cangrejo Pistolero Books their recitals are well-known throughout Andalusia), theatre and short films. A voyage into a surreal world located in the centre of Seville. Free entry. (C/ Bustos Talavera, 11, Seville).

seville for 10 euros sala malandarSala Malandar

On the banks of the river and with good acoustics, this venue is investing time and energy into what it knows best: alternative pop rock and flamenco in all shapes and sizes. Concerts have included pop music by Buenas Noches, ska from La Selva Sur and funk music performed by Reyes Estrada. Aside from the variety of styles on offer, one of the best things about Sala Malandar is the price that usually comes to around € 9 (including a drink). (C/ Torneo, 43 Seville).

seville for 10 euros sala obbioSala Obbio

Film screenings from Mondays to Thursdays, theatre on Fridays and electronic music on Saturdays in an eclectic club that won’t disappoint. Where else would you get the chance to see a film by Eric Rohmer one day and groove to a DJ set the next? Most of their events are free, except some concerts and parties, and even they won’t cost you more than 10 euros. Whatever you’re into, you’re sure to find it at Obbio. Closed in spring and summer. (C/ Trastámara, 29, Seville,

seville for 10 euros seviciSevici

Getting around by bike is now the best option in Seville thanks to the Sevici project that has been a turning point for the city. With 298 points for collecting and dropping off bikes throughout the city, you’re never far away. The best part is the price. Joining fee: € 5 for 7 days or € 10 for a year (€ 150 deposit). First 30 minutes are free. € 0.50 - € 2 from then on. (902011032,

seville for 10 euros sevilla recordsSevilla Records

If you’re strapped for cash and on the hunt for good music, take a tour of this record store to find vinyls from one euro or more. You’ll find all kinds of music: jazz, classical, funk and soul. But their largest section is dedicated to heavy rock music. Alongside their records and CD’s, you’ll also find T-shirts, stickers, badges and other merchandise from your favourite bands. Since the advent of music piracy, shops like this are increasingly scarce. (C/ Amor de Dios, 27, Seville).

seville for 10 euros teatro centralTeatro Central de Sevilla

Flamenco, jazz, dance and theatre in a programme that is brimming with activity. While individual tickets almost always cost more that 10 euros, the Central Theatre in Seville also gives you the chance to buy a monthly pass. Twenty tickets for € 200 and ten tickets for € 100. That’s a pretty good price if you’re anything like us and addicted to their programme. (C/ José de Gálvez, s/n, Isla de la Cartuja, Seville).

seville for 10 euros teatro imperdibleTeatro La Imperdible

For just nine euros students, groups, children and parents can attend events at the Imperdible Theatre in Seville. Located in Plaza del Duque since 2008, this theatre covers all the bases: from flamenco, cabaret and theatrical performances by fresh theatre companies from across the country. € 9 for students. € 8 for groups of over 15 people. € 9 for adults accompanying kids to children’s shows. (Plaza del Duque, s/n, Seville).

seville for 10 euros torre de los perdigonesTorre de los Perdigones

There’s an unexpected sight just a few metres away from the Alameda in Seville. Just get onto the lift to reach the top of the tower and you’ll enter a camara obscura that reflects the many different neighbourhoods of the city. There’s also a terrace to take in the view. It may not be the Eiffel Tower, but you probably haven’t seen Seville from this angle before. If you suffer from vertigo, this is not the place for you! € 4. (C/ Resolana s/n, Seville, 954909353).

seville for 10 euros veganitessenVeganitessen

Run by Anabel, a vegan who wanted to create an alternative for people like herself, Veganitessen serves freshly made fruit juices, smoothies, cakes, cupcakes, tortillas (without eggs!) and more. If you’re a vegetarian, vegan, need to eat a gluten free diet, or even suffer from diabetes or allergies to eggs or wheat, this little corner of Seville is going to feel like heaven. If you have any special requests, just ask. The prices are surprisingly low. (C/ Pastor y Landero s/n, Mercado del Arenal, Seville).

seville for 10 euros wam by abrilWAM by Abril

This new venue is bringing big names from the national and international electronic music scene to the city of Seville including Vinila Von Bismark, Wendy James and Frank Domark, to name but a few. A new weekend meeting point for the in crowd, you can even get in free if you can make it onto their guestlist. Just contact their PR department at guestlist(a) (C/ Luis Montoto, 118, Seville, 954571072,



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El 24 February 2010 a las 4:06 PM, md dijo...

Valla currelo!, para que luego digan que no hay nada más que semana santa y feria en sevilla….
se me ocurre…
Os propongo un reto: para esas fechas, qué hacer en Sevilla si eres alérgico en esas fiestas durante las mismas. Propuestas de lugares o actividades alternativas que estén abiertos o programen algo, en tan señaladas ocasiones.

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El 2 March 2010 a las 9:53 AM, Lakshmi I. Aguirre dijo...

¡Hola Md!

¡La verdad es que la idea no está nada mal! ¡Vamos a investigar! Si sabes de algo, no dudes en contactarnos.


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