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Spare change? Together we can collaborate with causes, projects and artists who need our help.

donate Tertulia Andaluza is a young company interested in helping projects and charities. We know that Andalusia is too. Each month, we choose a different destination for your donations. If you´d like to make any suggestions, let us know! We are part of a generation that needs to make a difference.

This month… Videsol

videsolThe association Vida, Desarrollo y Solidaridad (Videsol) (Life, Development and Solidarity) has for several years been searching for funds to support Virgen de Guadalupe school in Tarapoto in Peru. Based in Seville, this initiative has been working hard since 2020 to be able to offer these children in the area a decent education.

In the midst of the Amazon, with the beauty and dangers that come with it, families do what they can to survive. Videsol has created a school that now has 370 students under 12 years old. With time Videsol hopes to grow to offer education until the kids reach 16 years old. There are also plans in the works for a carpentry workshop and a bakery so as to allow the children to learn a trade too.

Their objectives include the eradication of domestic abuse, nutrition and ecology. Videsol is trying to help the children of Tarapoto have a brighter future.


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