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Black Flags on the beaches of Andalusia in 2010

Check out this list of beaches that have been marked by black flags by Ecologists in Action this year. The Black Flag: a symbol used to denounce the negative impact man has on the ecosystem of the coastline. Andalusian beaches are marked by an abundance that highlight the destruction of some of the most spectactular beaches in Spain. The number of black flags increases year by year and it’s becoming more and more difficult to find a beach on which to relax and enjoy unadulterated nature.

By:  Zoe Martín
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Unfortunately there’s been little change in the state of Andalusian beaches since Ecologists in Action published their 2009 Black Flags report last year. The coast of Andalusia continues to suffer the consequences of years of uncontrolled pollution and rampant construction. The 2010 map of Andalusian beaches continues to be dotted with the colour black: 58 Black Flags and 61 Black Spots.

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On reading this year’s report published by Ecologists in Action, one can’t help but wonder “What if?”… What if people had respected the coastline over the last fifty years? What if companies, corporations and private homes hadn’t dumped all their sewage and pollution into the sea and rivers? What if we didn’t leave all our trash on the sand after a day at the beach? What if government and business respected life in the sea? The answer to all these questions would clearly be: today we’d be able to enjoy a wild and virgin landscape and take a dip in the sea without fear of coming into contact with unexpected and unpleasant surprises. Unfortunately this isn’t the case and some experts estimate that in less than three years we’ll start to feel the brunt of a shortage of fish in the sea: and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

So, on that note, here’s the complete list of Andalusian beaches that have been awarded Black Flags in 2010. Use it to avoid beaches that ecologists have deemed unclean or overbuilt, and if you live near one of them, strive to get your local authority to work hard to clear the name of your beach.


• LIC Sierras Almagrera Urbanization, Los Pinos and El Aguilón (Pulpí)
• Cala Invencible, San Juan de los Terreros (Pulpí)
• Urbanización en las Salinas de Terreros (Pulpí)
• Playa de la Entrevista (Pulpí)
• Salar de los Canos (Vera)
• Playa de Macenas (Mojácar)
• Hotel del Algarrobico. Parque Natural Cabo de Gata-Níjar (Carboneras)
• Playa del Lancón (Carboneras)
• Playa Las Marinicas (Carboneras)
• Playa de Aguamarga (Níjar)
• Playa de Las Negras (Níjar)
• El Playazo, Rodalquilar (Níjar)
• Acantilados de Aguadulce (Roquetas de Mar)
• Playa Urbanización Playa Serena Sur (Roquetas de Mar)
• Bahía de San Miguel (El Ejido)
• Almerimar (El Ejido)
• Guardias Viejas (El Ejido)


• The beach between Bonanza and Bajo de Guía (Sanlúcar de Barrameda)
• Playa de Camarón (Chipiona)
• Playa Cruz del Mar (Chipiona)
• Playa Regla (Chipiona)
• Playa de la Costilla (Rota)
• Playa de El Ancla (El Puerto de Santa María)
• Playa de La Inmaculada (El Puerto de Santa María)
• Playa de Fuentebravía (El Puerto de Santa María)
• Playa de la Casería (San Fernando)
• Playa de La Barrosa-Novo Sancti Petri (Chiclana)
• Roche beach and cliffs (Conil)
• El Palmar (Vejer de la Frontera)
• Playa de Caños de Meca - Mari Sucia, Los Castillejos and La Laja- (Barbate)
• Playa Tómbolo de Trafalgar (Barbate)
• Playa de El Carmen (Barbate)
• Playa de Atlanterra (Tarifa)
• Playa de Los Lances (Tarifa)
• Isla Verde (Algeciras)
• Coastline between los Ríos Palmones and Guadarranque (San Roque / Los Barrios)
. The coast of Gibraltar


• The coastline between the Almeria province border and la Rábita
• Playa de las Azucenas (Motril)
• Playa de Poniente en (Motril)


• Matalascañas
• Punta Umbría
• Mazagón
• El Portil (Punta Umbría y Cartaya)
• Ría de Huelva
• Playas de Ayamonte


• Playa de Rincón de la Victoria
• Playas de Benajarafe (Vélez)
• Playa Baños del Carmen (Malaga)
• Playa La Cementera - La Araña (Malaga)
• Punta de Baños (Estepona)
• Punta de los Mármoles (Estepona)
• Playa La Rada – Arroyo Calancha (Estepona)
• Playa de la Duquesa (Estepona)
• Bahía Dorada – Buenas Noches (Estepona)
• Estepona Port
• Coast of Marbella



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