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Top 5 Green Websites

Five websites to help us answer questions about the environment and discover ways to help preserve it. Five sites brimming with practical and entertaining advice. Down with conventional stereotypes and well-worn jargon. This is a call to action! These sites have grabbed the attention of adults and children alike in their quest to spread the word and help save our planet.

By:  Tertulia Andaluza
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top 5 webs verdes

revista consumer Revista Consumer

The magazine by the Eroski group is far from simply a catalogue for promoting their supermarket products. They’ve already won several prizes for the work they are doing for society at large. In their environment section you’ll find practical information, comparative charts and current affairs to help you make decisions about the products you consume. You’ll find out about environmental things you’d never even imagined. Available in Spanish.

x The Green Guide

This green guide is a great example of the main difference between Spanish and American portals. Environmental zeal colours each and every page and section. Every page is illustrated by fantastic images (it’s not for nothing that it belongs to the National Geographic) and deals with everything from food, travel, kids, home & garden and personal care. Environmental know-how enters out homes. Sustainable living is possible.

portal del medio ambiente El Portal del Medio Ambiente

An environmental initiative coming from Xul Comunicación Social based in Cordoba (Andalusia). Xul has created a portal with practical and honest advice about the current situation of our planet, solutions and environmental initiatives. Their Verdómetro - Green-o-metre (a series of surveys inviting users to take part), the Egológico - Egological section (inviting users to add news from their own area) and their environmental events guide are just some of the most interesting things to look out for. Available in Spanish.

x Tree Hugger

A guide to sustainable living with it’s feet placed firmly on the ground. Environmental news, practical tips and ecological product reviews. Once a week they also broadcast a radio show and in their blog - Hugg - users share opinions about the environment. From cars to travel, culture, politics, technology, design, architecture and fashion, Tree Hugger is where to find out how to live green.

ecopibes Ecopibes

An Argentinian website for kids. The environment is for everyone and kids need to understand their responsibilities in the world surrounding them. Little hands can help too! The site attempts to teach kids through games with lessons, word puzzles, crossword puzzles and glossaries… Parents will also find the information useful for helping them explain to their kids that being green isn’t just a fad. Available in Spanish.


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El 31 October 2009 a las 1:32 PM, Cecilia Bogaard dijo...

Some other great green websites include:

· The Guardian Climate Change section - clear, practical and up-to-date.

· Grist - Check out the Climate Defenders Guide with ideas on how to talk to a climate skeptic. “Grist is the Colbert Report of climate change, the Daily Show of deforestation, the Oprah of oil dependency — except with real reporting and analytical journalism… The e-zine delivers news and news-you-can-use on pivotal topics — with punny, sometimes corny headlines.” (Time Magazine)

· No Impact Man - A blog that will make you rethink the way you live your life.

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El 16 November 2009 a las 3:06 PM, Adrian dijo...

Here’s another site you may find interesting It’s about consuming energy efficiently, it’s created by Endesa and it’s in Spanish.

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