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In-box: April 2010

Each and every day more and more publishers, record labels, writers and musicians send us their latest releases to populate our minds and magazine with their work. Check out our In-box each month to find what’s new in Andalusia.

By:  Cristina Dorador
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The latest releases from publishing houses, production companies and record labels throughout Andalusia:

Poemas de los himalayas by Yuyutsu RD Sharma. Juan de Mairena Books 2010.

The thirteenth poetry book in the Cosmopoetica International Poetry Collection translated by Verónica Aranda. Bilingual edition in English and Spanish. Internationally known poet and columnist for several dailies including The Himalayan Times and The Kathmandu Post, Yuyutsu RD Sharma travels the plains of India and the Nepali mountains, the humble people of the Himalaya, the flora and fauna, the rivers and lakes to create beautiful poetry filled with colour and wold metaphor.


El huésped en el bosque by Elisa Biagini. Juan de Mairena Books 2010.
The fourteenth poetry book in the 2010 Cosmopoetica International Poetry Collection translated by Juan Vicente Piqueras, and supervised by Lara Cantizani and Jacob Lorenzo. Bilingual edition in Italian and Spanish. “Elisa Biagini lives in Italy after several years studying and teaching in the United States. Her poems have appeared in Italian, North American and international magazines and anthologies. She has published six poetry books and her poems have been translated into English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Japanese, Croatian, Slovenian, German, Russian and Arab.

El huesped en el bosque cosmopoetica

Un silencio radiante. Ocho poetas Búlgaros contemporáneos by various authors. Juan de Mairena Books 2010.
The fifteenth poetry book in the 2010 Cosmopoetica International Poetry Collection translated by liliana Tabákova, Rada Panchovska and Juan Antonio Bernier. Bilingual edition in Bulgarian and Spanish. This contemporary Bulgarian anthology contains works by Iván Teófilov, Hristo Fótev, Nikolái Kántchev, Binio Ivanov, Ekaterina Yósifova, Iván Tsánev, Kíril Kadíiski and Rada Panchovska. “It aims to break a double silence: that which looms over Bulgarian poetry throughout Europe and the silence which ruled over Bulgarian poets as a general rule”.

un silencio radiante cosmopoetica 2010

La familia americana. Antología de nueva poesía de EE.UU by various authors. Editorial Juan de Mairena, 2010.
Another in a series of poetry books in the 2010 Cosmopoetica International Poetry Collection with poetry by Joshua Beckman, Jen Bervin, Matt Hart, Chirstian Hawkey, Ted Mathys, Anna Moschovakis, Mathias Svalina, Fred Schmalz, Donna Stonecipher and Elizabeth Zuba, all poets born between 1969 and 1979.

la familia americana cosmopoetica

2010 - Entre Mar y Tierra / Between Sea and Land by Juan Varela. Lynx Ediciones 2010.
Catalogue of the exhibition of the same title at the Casa de la Ciencia in Seville. “Between Sea and Land is an artistic venture completed in 2008 and 2009. During four prolonged visits to the Donyana Reserva Biologica, the Nature Reserve and the Odiel Marshes in winter and spring, the author, a biologist and painter, created more than 60 watercolours, drawings and other works, painted from life or from sketches made outdoors. The works reflect the varied zones of the littoral ecosystems, from beaches to more forested parts of the shoreline, and show a wide diversity of animal species and landscapes. The texts constitute a log of the journey, written in both English and Spanish”.

entre el mar y la tierra juan varela

Historias de Nueva York by Stephen Crane. Editorial El Olivo Azul, 2010.
Eleven wonderful stories about New York in at the end of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th. Spanish language edition.

historias de nueva york de stephen crane

Adicciones de Guillermo Rayo.
Eleven songs born of the need to tell stories that aren’t superfluous, that allow us to reflect through words. Rock, rumba, hip-hop, folk… what brings them all together is a certain feel for the south. The album includes works by Bebe, Miguel Ángel Silvestre, Eva H, Paco León and Alex O’Dogherty amongst others.

adicciones de guillermo rayo

Malos Tiempos de Diego Guerrero. Solar de Artistas, 2009.
Diego Guerrero presents his new tune Malos tiempos alongside Jorge Pardo, Antonio Serrano and Caramelo from Cuba.

Niños en salsa de nueces by Susana Rico Calleja. Nuevos Escritores, 2010.
“What would you do if you found out that your grandmother was planning to eat you? And if she used roller skates? Would you think she was a witch? That’s just what the young Golbrini think of their grandmother”.

ninos en salsa de nueces de susana rico

Indie Man by Los Farsantes. 2010.
The Seville-based band presents electronic fusion with their new tune Indie Man. Good vibes for your listening pleasure.

indie man de los farsantes

Los viajes perdidos by Nadir.
“Born in Cordoba in 1997, Nadir turn their back on pop and look towards American rock from the 1990s.

los viajes perdidos de nadir

Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan. Penguin 2007. A Natural History of Four Meals
“What should we have for dinner? The question has confronted us since man discovered fire, but according to Michael Pollan, the bestselling author of The Botany of Desire, how we answer it today, at the dawn of the twenty-first century, may well determine our very survival as a species. Should we eat a fast-food hamburger? Something organic? Or perhaps something we hunt, gather, or grow ourselves? The omnivore’s dilemma has returned with a vengeance, as the cornucopia of the modern American supermarket and fast-food outlet confronts us with a bewildering and treacherous food landscape. What’s at stake in our eating choices is not only our own and our children’s health, but the health of the environment that sustains life on earth”.

omnivores dilemma de michael pollan


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