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In-box: March 2010

Each and every day more and more publishers, record labels, writers and musicians send us their latest releases to populate our minds and magazine with their work. Check out our In-box each month to find what’s new in Andalusia.

By:  Laura Gris
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The latest releases from publishing houses, production companies and record labels throughout Andalusia:

Spanish English Bilingual Visual Dictionary. DK Publishing, 2005. ISBN-10: 0756612985.
There’s nothing more intuitive than to learn a language through images. Thousands of Spanish and English words of illustrated objects and everyday scenes. Easy to use and with detailed index for instant reference.

book spanish english bilingual visual dictionary

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Gallerists But Were Afraid to Ask by Andrea Bellini. JRP Ringier, 2010. ISBN: 9783037640876.
“The 51 gallery owners from Europe, the Americas, and Asia interviewed in this book talk about their relationship with artists, what they love (and hate) about their work, the changes the art world has undergone since they started at the end of the 1980s, and thus give precious insights and advice to collectors and up-and-coming players in the field. At this time of an all-encompassing hybridization of roles (critics and curators becoming dealers, artists acting as curators, fair managers becoming curators, etc.), the observations included in this volume provide an extraordinary snapshot of today’s art system, reflecting its culture, strategies, and attitudes. Galleries such as Air de Paris (Paris), Gavin Brown’s Enterprise (New York), Massimo De Carlo (Milan), Greene Naftali (New York), Hotel (London), Kurimanzutto (Mexico), Franco Noero (Turin), Eva Presenhuber (Zurich), Johann König (Berlin), and Vitamin (Beijing) feature in this volume”.

book everything you always wanted to know about gallerists but were afraid to ask

Menu del Día - More than 100 classic authentic recipes from across Spain by Rohan Daft. Simon & Schuster, 2008. ISBN-10: 1416542868.
An accessible volume of simply prepared, traditional Spanish dishes traces the discoveries made by the author upon his relocation to Barcelona, in a recipe collection that features such options as Shin of Beef with Wild Mushrooms, Shrimp with Chickpeas, and Almond Tart. The menú del día is Spain’s equivalent of the prix fixe menu of the bistros of France. On it are good, no-nonsense dishes that are as long on flavor and tradition as they are short on pretension and fuss. Influenced by a unique blend of culinary and cultural influences - wine from the Romans; rice, cinnamon, saffron, and cumin from the Moors; slow-cooked stews from the Jews; tomatoes, peppers, chocolate, and chilies from the New World - these are the tastes that have made Spanish cooking as vibrant as it is today. Available in English.

libro recetas menu del dia rohan daft

Llanto por Ignacio Sánchez Mejías de Federico García Lorca by Enrique Morente. Patronato García Lorca, 2010. Patronato García Lorca. Enrique Morente - Llanto por Ignacio Sánchez Mejías de Federico García Lorca - EP
Four tracks on which the Granada-born singer-songwriter puts the words of Federico García Lorca to music once more. This time he bases his work on the poem Llanto por Ignacio Sánchez Mejías in which Lorca relates and feels the death of the Seville-born bullfighter. New flamenco prose from Enrique Morente.

llanto por ignacio sanchez mejias de federico garcia lorca de enrique morente

Back Roads Spain Eyewitness Travel. Dorling Kindersley, 2010. ISBN: 9781405345828.
This driving holiday guide will take you via scenic routes to discover charming Spanish villages, local restaurants and intimate places to stay. Unearth the real soul of Spain relying on all the practical information you could need, from road conditions and length of drive to parking information and opening hours. Twenty-five themed drives, each lasting one to seven days, reveal breathtaking views, hidden gems and authentic local experiences in Spain that can only be discovered by road. Each tour is bursting with insider knowledge and loaded with ideas for varied activities from short walks and longer hikes, days on the beach and children’s attractions, cycling trips and visiting Moorish castles. Meanwhile, the most friendly, best-value hotels and guesthouses and charming restaurants specializing in regional produce have been selected by expert authors. Full-colour throughout, with a pull-out map of the entire country for easy navigation between tours and even post code information for use with ‘Sat Nav’. In English.

libro guia back roads spain eyewitness travel

Transversal BIACS3. Centro de Iniciativas Culturales de la Universidad de Sevilla (CICUS), 2010. ISBN: 9788447212408
If you happened to be in Seville at the end of 2008 or beginning of 2009, you may have noticed some slightly unexpected projects as you made your way around the city. The Transversal of the BIACS (BIACS3-Youniverse) was a competition created to give local artists the chance to use the biennial as a platform to show and publicise their work, while creating a connection between the BIACS (the Andalusian Centre for Contemporary Art) and the city centre. Juan Antonio Sánchez Muñoz and Vincent Morales Garoffolo, from Kauh Arquitectos, have coordinated an original bilingual volume to bring together the entries proposed for five locations throughout Seville: the headquarters of ICAS on calle Alfonso XII, the facade of the Faculty of Fine Arts, the Architect’s Institute of Seville in the Plaza de San Pedro, the courtyard of EMASESA headquarters on calle Escuelas Pías and the courtyard of the Faculty of Fine Arts on calle Gonzalo Bilbao. An interesting volume for anyone interested in design, architecture or ideas for a creative Seville., &

book architecture transversal biacs3

Electroviral by Supersubmarina. Sony Music Entertainment España, 2010. Supersubmarina - Electroviral - Supersubmarina
Spanish pop and alternative rock music. The first album from the band Supersubmarina from Baeza (Jaen), Electroviral, is an unusual product to come out of the Spanish music sector. Unique personality and new sounds. supersubmarina en myspace.

disco electroviral supersubmarina

The Arts of Spain: Iberia and Latin America 1450-1700 by Marjorie Trusted. V&A Publications - The Hispanic Society of America, 2007. ISBN-10: 1851775234.
This beautifully illustrated book, published in collaboration with the Hispanic Society of America, opens up the great age of Spanish and Portuguese sculpture, painting, architecture and the decorative arts. It discusses arts from the Iberian Peninsula and Hispanic America from the time of the Re-conquest of Granada to the decline of the Hapsburg dynasty in Spain. This indispensable survey includes paintings, sculpture, books and engravings, tapestries, furnishings, ceramics and architecture and features maps and timelines. In English.

book arts of spain iberia latin america

Lausana by Antonio Soler. Editorial Mondadori, 2010. Editorial Mondadori.
Spanish language novel from the Malaga-born writer who wrote El camino de los ingleses, which was turned into the film Summer Rain directed by Antonio Banderas. “A woman travels from Geneva to Lausana to visit her son. Memories of her life come back to her from the other side of the train window. Despite the passing of time, some memories maintain their capacity to cause pain”.

book lausana de antonio soler

Maryam by Saurom. Saurom, 2010. Saurom - Maryam
Maryam is the sixth album of our career and is a point of inflection between the personal sound the band has been producing for more than fourteen years and the sounds we are producing today. A mature album, like its predecessor Once Romances desde Al-Andalus… The album has been created around the concept of the importance of women throughout history”. This band from the province of Cadiz once again has produced a blend of heavy, metal, celtic and rock music that they call juglar-metal (minstrel-metal). Saurom on YouTube.

music mayram saurom

Olé Olé. Grandes éxitos by Olé Olé. EMI Music Spain, 2010. EMI Music Spain. Olé Olé
17 tracks that sum up the greatest hits of Olé Olé alongside a DVD containing six videoclips and 24 performances from TVE. The voices of Vicky Larraz, Marta Sánchez and Sonia Santana return to sing hits such as No controles, Lili Marlen, Sola (con un desconocido), Con sólo una mirada and No mueras posibilidad.

CD grandes exitos ole ole

Amor de ángel by Innocence. Warner Music Spain, 2010. Innocence - Amor de Angel
Produced by Carlos Marin for Espectáculos Tercer Milenio S.L. and Warner Music España, this is the second album from Innocence. Accompanied by the Bratislava Symphony Orquesta, this album covers a wide range of styles including dance music and rock ballads. The album is a collection of covers, aside from two original tunes. With a background in musical theatre, a magician father and ballet dancing mother, she is known for her spectacular shows and impressive costumes.

CD innocence amor de angel

Conversaciones con Juan Ramón Jiménez by Ricardo Gullón. Sibila-Fundación BBVA, 2010. Fundación BBVA.
The BBVA Foundation has recovered conversations between the essayist Ricardo Gullón and the poet Moguer. Words and situations that give us a glimpse into the life and opinions of Juan Ramón Jiménez in Puerto Rico. In Spanish.

conversaciones con juan ramon jimenez de ricardo gullon


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