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Open minded, and without taboos. Burning with passion, but always fun. Boudoir comes out in the open to show off their elegant, exclusive and sensual toys: Jimmyjane, Fun Factory, OhMiBod, Lelo… They sound like the complex names for robots. But these are sexy and luxurious products. Have fun, laugh out loud and feel pleasure with your partner.

By:  Lakshmi I. Aguirre
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Showroom for erotic toys
Birth: 2008
Location: Calahonda, Mijas Costa (Malaga)
Founded by: Jeni Chegini
Stands out for: good taste
Did you know? they organize informal gatherings in which they show-off their toys amidst peels of laughter

You will be surprised by the colours, minimalist lines, and design of these toys. Some so discrete they won’t even make you blush. Well almost! First up, “the Nexus Duo M7 is one of our favorites. A toy for both men and women. Not only does it find the G-spot, but it finds the P-spot as well”. Next was a vibrator in the shape of a very cute penguin. Jeni Chegini, owner of Boudoir (the French word for a woman’s private room) always speaks from experience. “Sex is natural, and everything in here, I would use myself”.

There are 97 registered sex shops in the yellow pages in Andalusia. But the market is on the up. Especially for women. Chegini is here to break the ice. “I wanted to create a female focused showroom where you feel comfortable to look, ask, feel, and find out what you are looking for”, she explains. “The majority of shops here are run by men. They are tacky and sleazy. They sell pornographic magazines. Women do not feel comfortable buying a vibrator from a tattooed man with piercing. These shops lower sex to being sleazy and dirty. They cross over into that dark world of porn”, reflects Chegini without flinching.

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Starting out as an accountant, Chegini has been taking care of her family for almost a decade. Tired of asking her mother to send over toys from England, she came up with the idea for Boudoir. The products on offer stand out for their exclusivity and design. Most are created by engineers and doctors. “It is very important if you are using an adult sex toy that it be good quality. It is being used in your body! It should stand the test of time and not harm you”, she comments.

Surrounded by croissants, coffee, and champaign, five women in their forties sit on sofas in the showroom. The clientele of Boudoir is made up of women over thirty, men and surprisingly couples in their seventies. On the table is an endless selection of blindfolds, edible massage creams, chocolate body ink, underwear, stainless steel consoles which can be put in the washing machine, vibrators for women, men, to attach to your mobile phone, Ipod. Waterproof, with many settings, colours and disguises…

At first the room is filled with exclamations and peels of laughter as Chegini explains how to use them all. “This one works on the prostate gland and through stimulation can help men avoid prostate cancer”. “I just can’t imagine it”, interrupts one woman. “Do you think a lot of men are into that sort of thing?”. What started out as a small party soon turns into a therapeutic session. “In some ways these meetings help women to talk about things they are worried about”, explains Chegini.

The participants theorize about their intimate marital relations, when the passing of time makes sex seem routine. “It is a vicious circle. The less sex you have, the less you want. But the more you have, it opens the door to discovering new things and makes you more comfortable with your partner. Lets start enjoying ourselves!”, she explains.

No one buys anything. According to the owner, clients usually come back a few days later, “especially the men, who come back in secret to get a present for their wives”. Her hopes lie with the Internet. The Boudoir website will be launched soon, and the plan is for most sales to take place online. They are also planning to open a store in Puerto Banus (Marbella), since their current location is a little off the beaten track. According to her husband, Reza Chegini, “the crisis will increase the sale of erotic toys. People need to have fun!”. So for now, the future is bright.

Boudoir opens the way for sex to be something healthy. They hope to help demystify the idea that sex is offensive, or should be the realm of men. Elegant, modern and in good taste, Boudoir puts their experience to the service of their clients to help them leave their inhibitions behind and dare to explore a new world. It’s no mean feat. And if in the meantime they manage to save a few marriages, even better!

Getting there?

C/ Jaén, La Cornisa, 1. Sitio de Calahonda,
Mijas Costa, Málaga
952932708, 637739192, info(a)

· Summer: from Tuesday to Friday, from 11:00 to 17:00.
· Winter: from Tuesday to Friday, from 10:00 to 16:00.

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El 9 December 2008 a las 1:57 PM, Afro dijo...

Genial… gracias Jeni :)

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