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Confitería Daver - Ronda (Malaga)

Cakes, pastries, turron, cupcakes, canapés, bread rolls, lasagna, rice, olive oil, jams, cheese, coffee, tea, wine, gin and even champagne. Entering the doors of this café and gourmet shop in Ronda is tantamount to opening the gates to gastronomic pleasure. But be warned. It’s not for the weak-willed!

By:  Lakshmi I. Aguirre
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Pastry shop/Coffee shop
Birth: 1974
Founded by: David Verdú
Location: Ronda
Stands out for: a classic Ronda business
Did you know? they run workshops, deliver and you can win their products by taking part in our competitions

You’ll never leave Daver without a happy palate and a full stomach. Upon entering, a row of tables invites visitors to sit and taste the sweet and salty culinary creations on offer at this establishment that has over the years become an ambassador for Ronda.

David Verdú, a Valencian ice cream maker, came to Ronda in the fifties and opened his own ice cream parlor. The harsh winters forced him to expand the business to include pastries for distribution in local shops and cafés. After transforming the family business into a bread boutique, another David took the reins (his son) and transformed the company into a cake shop and café in 1992. With decades of experience their catalogue now includes over four hundred products to suit all tastes and seasons. They are even exporting products to locations as far afield as Germany.

The smell that hits you as you walk in to Daver is nothing compared to the scents that ooze out of their creations as you walk into the kitchen. It’s enough to make you go crazy at the thought of dunking your head into a pot of melting chocolate on the stove or tasting each and every one of the little cakes neatly ordered on oven trays. One could almost compare it to the feeling of walking into Santa’s workshop just before Christmas. Daver is part and parcel or the machinery of making dreams come true: this time each and every one of them dipped in sugar.

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There’s a mountain of dough on the kitchen table waiting to be divided, rolled and wrapped in butter: the delicate puff pastry that results is one of their signature products. A food processor is mixing a combination of cream cheese, flour and sugar. In the oven, nut bread is baking to perfection. In the room next door hundreds of chocolates are getting ready for Christmas, though their fate is assured. The entire team under David Verdú junior, the current manager, works side by side to ensure that everything is ready on time.

So, what’s the secret to the perfect cake? “Good hands and good quality raw materials,” replies Verdú. Their Tarta Ópera is one of their star products: hazelnut and almond cake with a chocolate ganache, coffee butter cream, coffee syrup and black glaze. Add to that seasonal creations that emerge from the oven each year such as Huesos de Santo, buñuelos de Todos Los Santos (All Saints fritters), las monas de Pascua (Easter cakes), torrijas (French toast), turron (nougat made from pistachio, cream and nuts, corn nuts, cream toast, hazelnut, pine nuts and cream) and even marzipan at Christmas. “Some years we make as much as 350 kilos of turron!” explains Verdú.

If you don’t have a sweet tooth, the catering service at Confitería Daver also offers a wide range of salty options. From mousses and filled cones, to eggplant tarts, their popular cocas (the caramelized goats cheese coca is a big hit) and cream puffs, Daver offers hundreds of options for events and parties. While the shop window temps people in from the street with miniature cakes, several shelves brimming with food offer a heavenly vision of world-class deli products: Arotz mushrooms, Just Married rice, Payoyo and French cheese, Quercus olive oil, Paez Morilla vinegars, Martiko pies, Wlikin & Sons jams, imported beers, gin and a wide selection of wines, mostly from Ronda.

“It’s such a shame when you go to a restaurant, fork out fifty euros for a meal and they serve you a contessa for dessert,” decries Verdú. “But we can’t blame anyone but ourselves. Chefs have learned to educate people to value their work while pastry cooks have been left lagging behind”. That’s why the current manager of Daver keeps abreast with developments in the field. David Verdú manages to combine running the family business alongside attending a constant stream of workshops and master classes taking place for pastry chefs throughout Spain. Having attended courses in Barcelona, Gijón and León, he didn’t hesitate at the opportunity to bring Carlos Mampel, one of the top pastry chefs in the country, Best Master Pastry Chef in Spain 1999 and Best Euro-American Pastry Chef 2000, to train his team in Ronda on-site. “We’re working on small and delicate cakes,” explains Verdú. “We need to take small steps to change the way we work as artisans or the industry won’t move forward”.

Daver has taken the right steps and is at the head of their game. Design, attention to detail and craftsmanship combine in Ronda to continue the legacy of the Verdú family. Fantastic raw materials come together in alchemical magic to create pastries that contain a little slice of heaven.

Getting there?

Confitería Daver
C/ Los Remedios, 6
Ronda, Málaga

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El 23 December 2010 a las 11:39 AM, pepa dijo...

Me gusta muchisimo vuesttro boletin y este de Ronda es estupendo ya que destacais a Daver y doy fe de que todo lo que deciis es cierto es de lo mejor de Cádiz y Málaga, yo voy exclusivamente a veces a Ronda para ir a esta pasteleria, y por supuesto la recomiendo siempre a mis amigos y a mis clientes.Mucha Salud para todos.

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