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Barbara Fiore Books

This publishing house from Granada doesn’t just publish books. Barbara Fiore fabricates masterpieces to help your imagination run wild. Patrons of fantastic children’s literature, they create beautifully illustrated gems with which both children and adults can learn about big ideas in itty-bitty packages.

By:  B.A. Etxaniz
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Children’s book publisher
Birth: 2004
Founded by: Bárbara Fiore and Francisco Delgado
Location: Albolote (Granada)
Stands out for: their exceptional authors

Children’s books are increasingly becoming collectible items. One of the main attractions when choosing which to buy are the beautiful illustrations that help teach children that “dreams can become reality, if we want it enough”. Or at least, this is the message Barbara Fiore wants to transmit to her readers. One of the founders of the publishing house that carries her name, she could be considered the Queen Bee of books.

“We don’t skimp when it comes to making sure that the final product is totally unique, in terms of both its quality as a piece of art and for its content”, explains Fiore. “Beauty, hard work and coherence are what we are trying to achieve”. It’s not difficult to identify the titles that make up their catalogue. If the company had existed in the 1940s, one can imagine Barbara Fiore Books producing the Spanish edition of the classic children’s book The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. But Italian Fiore was born a little late. Nevertheless, her publications shroud a particular way of thinking: critical, heuristic, mature, she treats children like rational and conscious beings and believes it is the small things that count.

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When flicking through some of their first Spanish-language publications for children including Emigrantes (Emigrants) and El árbol rojo (The Red Tree) both by Shaun Tan, La Ola (The Wave) by Suzy Lee or El pato y la muerte (Duck, Death and the Tulip) by Wolf Erlbruch, you’ll find yourself becoming totally immersed in a parallel universe often hidden from our prematurely aged eyes. Beautiful, captivating and dreamlike images. Dreams that dye the pages in colour and sensations. Illustrations so expressive that words become decorative ornaments, without losing their importance. “Suzy Lee and Chaun Tan have shown us that a great story doesn’t necessarily need words, in the same way that some stories don’t always need spectacular illustrations in order to be fabulous. That said, at Barbara Fiore Books we believe that illustrations are very importance to convey stories and messages to children”, explains Fiore.

Their forte is their community of authors, many of which are internationally acclaimed. “With an innate talent in their field, they would be sorely missed if they did weren’t present in our libraries and bookshelves”. For this reason, Barbara Fiore Books has made it their mission to conduct research to find the best specialists in every genre, many of whom are unknown in Spain and Latin America, their two markets.

Surprisingly, their ranks don’t include that many Spanish writers. “It is very difficult”, comments the director. “Established authors have already been nabbed by the bigger labels. It is only recently that newcomers are getting to know our work and find us an interesting option when sending out their projects”. Getting through their selection process is no mean feat. “We don’t want to publish anything that doesn’t reach our standards. The Spanish and Latin-American titles in our catalogue have to be just as good as the international titles we publish”.

Good taste and professionalism. To make the little ones laugh, there is no need to resort to easy gags. Barbara Fiore has recognized this fact and dedicates her company to bewitching readers with great and beautiful ideas. The critics are now on her side. Children were from the beginning.

Getting there?

Editorial Bárbara Fiore
Paseo del Fuego, 7
Albolote (Granada)

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Pon tu propia imagen con Gravatar
El 2 April 2009 a las 10:21 AM, Francisco dijo...

Le he comprado varios de ellos a mis hijos. La verdad es que se agredece que tanto ellos como nosotros, los padres, podamos disfrutar de una misma lectura. Las ilustraciones son preciosas. Uno de mis favoritos: El árbol rojo. Se lo recomendaría a todas las personas tristes.

Pon tu propia imagen con Gravatar
El 23 January 2010 a las 8:07 PM, Antonio Cañas dijo...

Hola Barbara y Paco. Es el segundo correo que os enviamos porque creo que el enterior no entró.
Somos Manoli y Antonio vuestros vecinos de Arcos.A la vista de vuetra página os debe ir de maravillas, cosa que nos alegra enormemente.
Esperamos que el cambio haya merecido la pena aunque os echamos de menos.
Besos para vosotros y los peques

Pon tu propia imagen con Gravatar
El 26 May 2011 a las 1:07 AM, Margaret dijo...

Going through the library, they just get better and better. Congratulations on such a wonderful project and such stunning books!

Pon tu propia imagen con Gravatar
El 17 June 2011 a las 10:30 AM, Alejandra dijo...

Genial! me encanta esta editorial. Todo lo que publico es bueno y las ediciones son preciosas. Tengo varios libros y ahora tendré más… porq me han tocado 3 en el concurso! GRACIAS!!!

Pon tu propia imagen con Gravatar
El 18 January 2015 a las 2:34 AM, Duane dijo...

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El 23 January 2015 a las 12:27 AM, juan dijo...

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Pon tu propia imagen con Gravatar
El 8 February 2015 a las 11:21 PM, Alberto dijo...

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thanks for information!…

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El 10 February 2015 a las 11:39 PM, Troy dijo...

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El 14 February 2015 a las 1:45 PM, salvador dijo...” rel=”nofollow”>.…

ñïàñèáî çà èíôó….

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