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Eventualmusic - Malaga

“You’ve got to be a little crazy to do this,” explains Ismael Béjar, director of this cultural centre that provides the equipment and much needed space for artists in Malaga to help them get their creative juices flowing. Concert venue and rehearsal space, Sala Eventualmusic in the Polígono San Luis (Malaga) is bringing live music to the Costa del Sol. One step forward for the cultural scene in the area.

By:  B. A. Etxaniz
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Concert venue and rehearsal rooms
Birth: 2008
Location: Málaga
Directed by: Ismael Béjar
Capacity: 600 people

If you were to ask, Ismael Béjar would tell you that he has but one wish: “to boost the cultural scene in Andalusia”. To turn this wish into reality he has created Eventualmusic, a multifunctional space to help musicians practice and show off the results. “Eventualmusic was born out of the hope to create a space in which artists can perform and give the current panorama for music a much needed kick in the ass,” explains Béjar. Sixteen rehearsal rooms and a 250 metre concert venue give Malaga artists the chance to exhibit their work, be they musicians, painters, actors, writers or photographers.

Aside from providing the space and materials, Eventualmusic is a launch pad for musicians to make a first impression on the Spanish live music circuit. “We want to work in collaboration with venues in the North of Spain,” continues Béjar, “as well as helping to support bands with the music label we are planning to create”.

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The spirit of Eventualmusic is conciliatory, progressive and forward-thinking: “We want to become the nerve centre for the area where people feel they can meet others in the field, share their projects and remedy their deficiencies”. One of the main aims of the centre is to foment dialogue and put an end to what Béjar calls ‘the enemy philosophy’: “people should stop seeing others working in their sector as competition”:

Béjar is by no means sheepish when it comes to expressing his outrage at the current cultural climate in Malaga. “It’s as if we live in a third world country. The door to the cultural department at the town hall is always closed,” Béjar observes. “It all depends on who is running things. At present they spend the entire budget on bringing in commercial artists such as Paulina Rubio and Enrique Iglesias instead of projects that help boost the local cultural scene”.

In light of these perceived deficiencies he has taken on this risky venture for which he admits you’ve got to be a little crazy. “Instead of offering a helping hand, sometimes people just push you down”. Even so, he believes that change is possible and that by 2016 Malaga will have become a true cultural capital. From Eventualmusic he is working at it day by day, trying to lend his support to artists in the city so that creativity will run through the streets of Malaga.


Getting there?

Polígono San Luis
C/ Cuernavaca, 21 y 23

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday, from 17:00 to 23:30.

Tickets: on the door.

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Pon tu propia imagen con Gravatar
El 9 January 2010 a las 12:01 PM, Stefan Dowsing dijo...

This is exactly what I have been looking for. I will be getting in touch with Ismael as soon as possible. This is something we have needed down here for a long time. I am interested in making a sound and light installation. Stefan

Pon tu propia imagen con Gravatar
El 9 January 2010 a las 3:20 PM, Stefan Dowsing dijo...

For some reason the Eventualmusic web site doesn’t work for me? I have tried on Safari and Firefox?

Pon tu propia imagen con Gravatar
El 9 January 2010 a las 5:53 PM, Cecilia Bogaard dijo...

Dear Stephan: I’ve tested it on both Safari and Firefox and it works for me. Have you got flash installed? I think (may be wrong) that it is a flash site. Good luck!

Pon tu propia imagen con Gravatar
El 30 March 2011 a las 1:03 PM, Sala Eventual Music dijo...

La Sala Eventual Music está confirmándose como una de las apuestas más firmes por la música en directo en Málaga.
Es un privilegio contar con un proyecto así en la ciudad.

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