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GoGo Cards

If you haven’t come across GoGo Cards on your travels around Andalusia, it begs the question: were you ever really there? Hotels, airports, bus stations, restaurants and museums. You’ll find these user-friendly cards at visible locations throughout the region. You can’t fail to spot them. Take a peek and make the most of the ideas and discounts they offer.

By:  Alex Molina
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Direct marketing
Birth: 2005
Founded by: Jan Siert Reinders and Lucien Lafleur
Location: Malaga and Seville
Stands out for: small format direct marketing with big distribution
Did you know? they also make street maps to help you discover your city

Advertising; it monopolises the media, it assaults you on the street and you can hear it everywhere you go. However much you try to avoid it, somehow it manages to corner you with its messages. These are, however, trying times for the sector. As billboards start to take on a desolate air and companies reduce their spending to weather the storm, you wouldn’t be blamed for asking: “What marketing tools are surviving the crisis?”

GoGo Cards have made it. Small and robust, these little cards fit easily into your pocket and slip into your wallet between your credit cards. Whether it’s because of their size and colourful design, the discounts they offer, or even the fact that they are packed with ideas to plan a fun-filled weekend, one thing’s for sure: it’s almost impossible to come across a GoGo Cards stand without taking one of them with you.

It’s not just a matter of luck, as Jan Siert Reinders can confirm: “It’s a practical format that gives people useful information despite their small size. It’s about direct advertising. They are positioned at eye-height level in vertical displays and they are easily divided by categories and colours”. Together with Lucien Lafleur, he decided to traverse the marketing world having witnessed the success of new advertising formats in other countries. The Costa del Sol seemed like a good place to start. And that’s where it all began.

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GoGo Cards has decided to focus its attention along the coast of Andalusia, from Malaga and Estepona to Gibraltar and Seville. However, they have plans to implement the concept in many more cities. Train stations, airports, shopping centres, hotels, cafes, restaurants and tourist offices. These are just some of the places where you’ll find GoGo cards, mini-marketing campaigns designed by this small company from Malaga.

Their clients include Burger King, Ben & Jerry’s, shows such as the Cirque du Soleil or the Malaga French Film Festival, or even cultural centres including the Picasso Foundation, Cervantes Theatre or the Andalusian Centre of Contemporary Art in Seville. All companies and organizations that, according to Siert Reinders, “provide a service of interest to our consumers.”

Becoming a customer assures a constant presence in their displays. Rather than limit the number of cards, a GoGo campaign is measured by the period of time the cards are visible. Once the idea has been discussed with the client, the design team gets to work on the layout before distributing the cards in the selected area. The displays will continue to be filled continually until your contract is up.

So, what’s the secret of an effective campaign? “A clear message, simple and minimalist design in keeping with the look and feel of your business, and extensive distribution,” concludes Siert Reinders.

Not sure what to do on Saturday afternoon? You’re sure to get some ideas from the blue culture cards. Short on money and looking for a discount? By presenting a GoGo Card at one of the several restaurants they advertise, you’ll get the featured discount. The crisis has manage to bring down the walls of many large companies, but it hasn’t managed to destroy great ideas. GoGo Cards is one of them.


Getting there?

GoGo Cards
C/ Federico Fellini, 66

C/ Amante Laffon, 25-bajo

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