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Hotel Alcoba del Rey de Sevilla - Seville

In contrast to the usual, white, minimalist interiors favoured by most boutique hotels, the Alcoba del Rey de Sevilla has opted for a decoration inspired by the market places of Morocco. Located in the Macarena district of Seville this is the ideal place to lay your head on a weekend break in the city.

By:  Cecilia Bogaard
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Boutique Hotel
Birth: 2005
Location: Seville
Price: € 95 - 214
Stands out for: original, artisan and decoration
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After a stint working in Morocco up until the year 2000, Rafael Carrión, director and mastermind of boutique hotel the Alcoba del Rey de Sevilla, was hooked on its aesthetics. “I swathed myself in Moroccan culture and when I returned to Seville I wanted to re-import the way they live their homes,” explains Carrión. He returned to create a shop selling products from the area and with thoughts of a boutique hotel in mind. As luck might have it, his family owned a building in the Macarena district and they set to work on reforming the building inspired by Morocco, Seville’s Muslim history and the society of Al-Andalus.

A far cry from chain hotels with formulaic design, it’s 15 rooms have been decorated individually and named after significant figures from Al-Andalus with close ties to the history of Seville (Princess Zaida, Ibn Firnas, Princess Wallada, Averroes…). The building itself is named after Al Mutamid, the third and last King of Seville from the Abbadid dynasty who reigned from 1069 – 1091. Legend has it that this is where Al Muamid hid his mistress, the beautiful laundress Rumaykiyya, from the disapproving gaze of his father. They were later married.

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With artisan furniture from both Morocco and India, the Alcoba del Rey de Sevilla (that translates as the Bedchamber of the King of Seville) includes special touches including Moroccan arches, cedar wood mirrors, colourful lamps, brass basins and Victorian taps. The suites in this boutique hotel boast original bathrooms, with large round tubs in which to lie back by candlelight. If you’re looking for a special treat, try the Beatriz de Suabia room with its king-size four-poster bed.

Aside from the rooms, the roof terrace is its best feature. The ethnic feel is reinforced by the haima (a Moroccan tent) that is the focal point. This is the place to sit back and chill with a cup of mint tea after a long day in the city (just ask at reception).

An active facebook user, Carrión embraces the Internet as a way of reaching out to potential visitors. He is also being creative in his marketing strategies and is open to ideas: the latest being a competition inviting people to photograph the hotel and be original with their cameras. Everything you see is on sale. So, if you fall in love with something, you can take it home with you. A novel way to keep the hotel in a constant state of revitalization. In the midst of the traditional Macarena neighbourhood, the young director is creating a pretty unique concept.

Catering to a clientele of thirtysomethings from around Spain and tourists attracted by the Mudejar theme, some compromises have had to be made. When I visited, a load of televisions had just arrived. “We didn’t want to include technology in the rooms as they’ve been decorated with great attention to detail. But our guests kept asking for TV and in the end I had to give in,” he explains.

Carrión has several plans for the future. One is to offer Andalusi food in the adjoining restaurant. The current establishment has a very different feel with typical Spanish tapas and locals from the area frequenting the joint. We’re looking to see how it progresses and evolves into something more in keeping with the rest of the hotel.

Your journey to the Seville of Al-Andalus ends at the front door and gives way to the hustle and bustle of the city. The Andalusian Parliament is within spitting distance (well, almost), and the Basilica de a Macarena, one of the main attractions in Seville, is just around the corner with its tearful Madonna, known as the Virgin of Hope. For the less religious amongst you, the Alcoba del Rey de Sevilla is only a short stroll from the Alameda, the Rambla-eque part of town ideal for live music, drinks and soaking up a younger vibe.

Getting there?

Hotel Alcoba del Rey de Sevilla
C/ Béquer, 9
+34 954915800

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