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Ten of the Most Affordable Hotels in Andalusia

If someone were asked to describe a hotel in Andalusia they’d probably paint a lavish picture of a palatial city hotel or one of the swanky resort-style hotels that dot the coast – all golf courses, tennis courts and swimming pools. But the reality is actually rather different. Hidden away amongst the tiny villages and big cities of Andalucía, there’s a hotel to suit every purse. The region has a wealth of small hotels, welcoming little guesthouses and charming boutique hotels.

By: Tertulia Andaluza

la seguiriya 1. La Seguiriya, Alhama de Granada

Clinging precariously over the Alhama de Granada’s gorge, La Seguiriya enjoys one of the most dramatic settings imaginable. Run by the family of singer Paco Moyano, its handful of cosy rooms are complemented by an excellent restaurant and a gorgeous terrace for admiring the view. Alhama itself is full of faded townhouses and hints of its Moorish past peeking out from crumbling buildings. Swaying fields of golden corn stretch away and rise up to craggy peaks – a haven for cyclists and walkers that is the Sierra de Tejeda. Book La Seguiriya now [1]

La Casa de Bovedas 2. La Casa de Bovedas, Arcos de la Frontera

Just about the most delightful boutique hotel Andalusia has to offer. As you push through its sturdy wooden doors and into its tiny central patio, it’s hard not to be struck by a sense of entering into a secret world. Inside, the rooms have been tastefully restored, without losing an inch of their character and charm. In keeping with an Andalusian village house, it’s all wooden (and downstairs, ancient vaulted) ceilings and uneven floors. Add the views from the terrace, and you’ve got a genuinely special stay. Book La Casa de Bovedas now [2]

Hotel Hacienda La Laguna3. Hotel Hacienda La Laguna, Baeza

Located way up in the north of Andalusia, there’s a special feeling about Baeza; a slight air of detachment, of agreeable isolation. Just outside the town, Hotel Haciena La Laguna, housed in a grand old hacienda, with a handful of attractive rooms opening up onto a central patio, embraces this rural feel. It’s the surroundings that really make the place stand out. The hotel makes the perfect base camp from which to explore Baeza’s fabulous renaissance palaces, and the nearby lagoon makes the area a haven for birdwatchers. Book Hotel Hacienda La Laguna now [3]

Hotel Argantonio 4. Hotel Argantonio, Cádiz [4]

It’s hard to say which is more agreeable, the pride they take in their painstakingly reconstructed Moorish decoration, or the wonderful breakfast that awaits you in the morning. But whichever way you look at it, Hotel Argantonio is just a thoroughly endearing place. Book Hotel Argantonio now [5]

Hotel Los Patios 5. Hotel Los Patios, Córdoba [6]

How much does a room with a view onto the Mezquita cost? Strangely enough, not very much. The most luxurious hotel in Cordoba it isn’t. But it is well run and has a really homely feel… And then, of course, there’s the location! Book Hotel Los Patios now [7]

Apartamentos El Granado 6. Apartamentos El Granado, Granada [8]

For those that recoiled in horror at the cost of Granada’s Parador (located inside the Alhambra and admittedly magnificent), there are plenty of other hotels in Granada where you can get a helping of Moorish atmosphere without it totally dismantling your budget. In the lower Albayzin (set back off the River Darro) and in a building that dates back to Moorish times, El Granado is one example. The apartments themselves are light, airy, modern and brilliantly comfortable… Practically faultless, in fact.. Book El Granado Apartments now [9]

Hotel Venecia 7. Hotel Venecia, Málaga [10]

In spite of its slightly uninspiring location on the busy Alameda Principal, the Hotel Venecia is exactly what you’d want in a cheap hotel in Malaga. The staff are friendly, all the sights are nearby and the price is spot-on. What else could you possibly need? Book Hotel Venecia now [11]

La Morada8. Hotel La Morada más Hermosa, Marbella

For many years, it seemed like Marbella accommodation fell into two categories: super-luxurious hotels or hostels… with nothing in between. Which is what makes the Hotel La Morada Mas Hermosa – a small, and reassuringly cheap Marbella hotel with bundles of charm – such a breath of fresh air. In the heart of the Old Town, it could hardly be better located. All of its handful of rooms are colourfully decorated with light pouring in through large windows. One, rather decadently, even has its own private roof terrace. Book Hotel La Morada Mas Hermosa now [12]

Acinipo 9. Hotel Acinipo, Ronda [13]

Aesthetically, the Hotel Acinipo is a bold statement. The outside – all stark, white and unrepentantly modern – is complemented by an interior of irregular edges, exposed stone staircases and dashes of traditional décor. But it manages to pull it off. More importantly, it does so for a reasonable price. Book Hotel Acinipo now [14]

Abanico10. Hotel Abanico, Seville [15]

Another small hotel in Andalusia that offers five star character, but without the accompanying five star price tag. A resolutely old-fashioned Seville hotel, it’s contained within a gorgeous old townhouse that huddles around an elaborately tiled and columned patio. What’s more, its location on Calle Aguilas means that during the day it’s just across the street from the Palacio de Pilatos (one of the most underrated of Seville’s sights). By night it’s just a lazy stroll from the lively tapas bars of the Alfalfa and Santa Catalina. Book Hotel Abanico now [16]

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