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Review: Chocolate Vodka from Pancracio

Close your eyes, open the bottle and breath in the aroma. You won’t notice the alcohol until it hits the back of your throat. A delectable way of sweetening even the sourest atmosphere.

By:  Irene Ríos
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Chocolate vodka
Producer: Pancracio
Taste: intense cocoa and vanilla
Serving suggestion: serve sub-zero or in a Cóctel Too Late
Did you know? winner of three of the most prestigious international prizes for spirits

Creating a vodka that doesn’t smell like vodka is an achievement in itself. To create a vodka that smells and tastes like chocolate is not just a great invention, but a step forward for all humanity.

Delicious when served on its own or as a mixer, Pancracio’s chocolate vodka tastes like cocoa with a hint of vanilla and some nutmeg. There is also a pleasantly curious bitter aftertaste. Once again Pancracio, from the Greek pan (all) and kratos (strength), has managed to propel itself onto the cover of several magazines. This small company from Cadiz has ruined more than one diet as it spreads chocolate joy wrapped in elegantly minimalist white packages. We are most sincerely thankful.

Best in Class 2008 in the International Wine & Spirit Competition, Bronze in the White Spirits category in the International Spirits Challenge of 2008 and King of the domestic minibar. The very definition of stylish, serving this chocolate vodka will make you the talk of the town (especially if served as a delicious Cocktail Too Late or accompanied by either Chocolivas or their candied lemon peel covered in white chocolate).

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