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The Terrace Backpackers Hostel

Practical, cheap and centrally located in the heart of Córdoba, the Terrace Backpackers is the place to stay if you want to swing your backpack over your shoulder and travel the world on a shoestring budget.

By:  T. de la Rosa
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Cheap accomodation
Birth: 2007
Type: backpackers hostel
Location: Cordoba
Price: 15 € - 35 €
Stands out for: central location and cheerful team

For those of you who want to get to know Cordoba, without spending a fortune in the process, The Terrace Backpackers Hostel, also known as Pilar del Portro, is a pretty good choice. Its fifteen rooms are the perfect base camp hidden away on Calle Lucano in Cordoba, 7 minutes from the Mezquita, 5 minutes from the Plaza Corredera, and 10 minutes from the town centre.

The Terrace Backpackers Hostel doesn’t offer any luxuries, but it does satisfy the needs of any traveller who doesn’t need the grandeur of some of the bigger hotel chains. All the bedrooms have their own private bathroom, heating, air-conditioning, and walls painted in bright colours that hark back to the 1960s.

The Terrace Backpackers opened in December of 2007. Kevan Whittaker (Christ Church, 1972), who has lived in Andalusia since 2005, directs, takes care of, and is constantly working on the hostel. At night he listens to her as he watches over the reception desk. And by day, on very little sleep, he works on the upkeep of the building while the receptionists take over. Try and have a chat to Carmen, a student from Cordoba, will be able to give you lots of useful advice.

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Whittaker has worked in similar hostels in both Granada and Malaga. Cordoba was a fantastic opportunity to direct his own, and in collaboration with the company that owns it. “Cordoba is a very relaxed city. In Malaga and Granada, the people who visit are more into partying and drinking. I needed a little peace and tranquillity”.

At the top of the three flights of stairs, you’ll find a small terrace. The perfect meeting point for guests, it is great for resting, chatting and having a bite to eat. On the walls there are posters and maps that glorify the city, giving tips and advice to travellers. There is also a kitchen with everything you need to make your own meal: gas cooker, fridge, microwave, plates, as well as a shared bathroom and free Wi-Fi Internet connection. The light breakfast is on the house and can be had in the Bar Pilar de Potro on the left of the entrance. Don’t forget to pick up food tickets from the reception desk.

The staff is working hard to get visitors to extend their stay once they arrive. “The problem is that most backpackers plan to visit for just a day on their way to or from the north of Spain. They open up their Lonely Planet once they get to Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga or Seville and decide to make a pit-stop”, explains Whittaker. His aim is to show travellers all the adventures that can be had in what he considers to be a great alternative to more classic backpacker destinations.

“We’ve still got a lot of work to do”, concludes Whittaker. “I have tonnes of ideas. Within the next five years I want to make this the best backpackers hostel in Andalusia”.

Getting there?

Terrace Backpackers Hostel – Pensión El Pilar del Potro
Calle Lucano, 12
957492966, elpotro(a),

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