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March 2012

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lara bello
Like a fish in water. That’s one way to describe this Granada-born artist as she makes her way through all the many arts she excels in. Lively and cameleon-like, with her 24 hours a day Lara Bello achieves what the rest of us can only dream of...
Lakshmi I. Aguirre | PEOPLE
concert lara bello
Lara Bello presents her new album Primero Amarillo Después Malva at the Teatro Isabel la Catolica in Granada. Flamenco, jazz, arab music and world music. Positive energy that will leave you begging for more...
Tertulia Andaluza | EVENTS GUIDE
granada guide
It’s not just because of the Alhambra. It’s the magic of the Sacromonte, the Albaicín, the moorish tradition present on the street, local cuisine, the street markets, flamenco, jazz and above all the diversity of its people...

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