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Tertulia Andaluza is a digital magazine made for and by its users. Many people have contributed to creating a project filled with practical and surprising content about Andalusia. They are the most important piece in this digital jigsaw puzzle.


Julio LealJulio Leal, Contributor & Legal Adviser
Guitarist from the bands Los Elementos and La División del Fracaso (a Joy Division tribute band), he has for years taken part in all manner of projects related to culture and music: from articles and radio broadcasts, to organizing music events. He’s also our lawyer.

Leonardo SardiñaLeonardo Sardiña, Contributor
Director and presenter of the weekend news on Canal Sur Television, and a member of several progressive collectives in Seville. A passionate traveler via the thousands of travel writers who populate his library, or even in real life journeys particularly to Latin America. Lover of long conversation and great wine (in that order).

David AspinalDavid Aspinal, Photographer
The inspiring magic and light of the South brought this photographer to Granada. With a background in commercial, fashion, music and travel photography he moved to Andalusia to work on more personal projects. From his home hidden in the mountains of Granada he gives classes in photography and contributes to Tertulia Andaluza. You can see his work at

lola gilLola Gil, Events & Online Marketing
Pure and unadulterated vitality from Sanlucar (Cadiz). Passionate about film (Billy Wilder and Frank Capra), literature and music (flamenco, classica and British pop), this future advertising executive adores all things Andalusian. Her way of experiencing Andalusian culture gives her a particular take on life: both classic and cutting edge – ideal for working with Tertulia Andaluza.

Beatriz Beatriz Patiño, Legal Adviser
Doctor in Commercial Law, specialist in Advertising Law, a university lecturer, and director of the law firm Patiño & Partners, Beatriz contributes her knowledge of online advertising and intellectual property rights. An essential member of the team.

Encarni MarinEncarni Marín, Photographer
Educated in the School of Applied Arts in Seville, Encarni has worked as a photojournalist in many newspapers, including El País and Diario ABC. Her work has also appeared in Rolling Stones, EPS and Caminar. Loves: The small things in life that make you feel alive.

angeles lucasÁngeles Lucas, Contributor
A journalism graduate who has written in several publications and directed a radio show in Brussels. But that’s not all. She’s also taught theatre, done set and artwork for short films and even sings as a contralto! Passionate about travel and culture, we’ve managed to keep her still long enough to put some of her energy into Tertulia Andaluza.

Pedro BenjumeaPedro Benjumea, Sales & Advertising
A graduate in sales and marketing, sports enthusiast and snowboarder, Pedro captivated us with his energy and positivity (and his great suits!). His weakness? The coastline of Cadiz. His motto? Life is for living. So, to add a little zest to the team, he’s come along for the adventure.

Javier de LuisJavier de Luis, Contributor
Defender of the landscape and nature of the Costa del Sol, he has been at the forefront of Ecologists in Action against the excessive construction in the area. He now takes the team at Tertulia on “relaxing hikes” to terrifying precipices and late night river crossings. He’s also a chef, traveler, and recently became a member of local government. He enriches our environment section with his vast experience.

Maria D'SilvaMaría D’Silva, Translator
Translator and interpreter at the Cervantes Institute in London, graduate in Slavic and Hispanic philology, and with a Master in interpreting, María is a crucial component in the creation of the English version of the site. Half Spanish, and half Indian she travels a lot, reads more, and is an avid sports woman. Jealous? Don’t worry, we are too.

Manolo Martin-ArroyoManolo Martin-Arroyo, Contributor
A teacher within the public education system and a musician in conservatories, bars and festivals. Member of the band la hoguera, he actively takes part in politics, the press and carnival. Loves: freedom, the sea, and critique. And to travel.

cristina doradorCristina Dorador, Events & Writer
Born and raised in the province of Seville, Cristina enthusiastically joins the team at Tertulia Andaluza as an intern. Filled with questions about what the future holds for print journalism, she’s just months away from graduation. Passionate about culture, travel and the retail sector, Cristina hopes to share her particular vision of Andalusia.

Fabricio ChavarroFabricio Chavarro, Contributor
The brainchild behind Proyecto Lunar, a regional program to help with the creation of creative and cultural companies. An eighteen-year professional background within the UK within the field of training and economic regeneration. His unconditional help have been a basic building block in the creation of Tertulia Andaluza.

Juan DiegoJuan Diego Martín, Contributor
Creator and administrator of cultural projects, a publishing house, exhibitions and music festivals in Seville. Film, literature and contemporary art buff, he has written books on his other great passion: Flamenco. If that wasn´t enough, he has created an exciting project as shareholder in a small but important publishing house under the name: Barataria.

Helena GonzalezHelena González, Translator
Writer, trilingual translator and editor specializing in art, arquitecure, design and interior design. Works on many publications including M-arte and 20 casas.

Juan ArcosJuan Arcos, Agenda
Student of Marketing and Journalism, he is passionate about everything related to media, information technology and culture. In constant motion somewhere between Córdoba and Seville and actively involved in several projects.

Mar SaavedraMar Saavedra, Events
With a degree in both Pharmaceutical Sciences and Mediation and Resolution of Conflicts, a natural consecuence of twenty years of family dinners, her motto is “study and travel the world”. She has joined the project bringing with an innate gift for finding the best events, wherever she may be.

Thea DelavaultTheadora Delavault, Writer
Writer, philosopher, and actress working in four languages. Consults and writes for various publications specializing in philosophy and culture. Her articles have been published throughout France and Italy in magazines such as Zero, Aliendigest and The Finance Foundation Review.

José Lorenzo BenítezJosé Lorenzo Benítez, Writer
Radio and TV journalist. He has taken part in the research and production of TV documentaries for Canal ARTE/ZDF. Co-founder and director of Cádiz.doc, a showcase of International Independent Documentaries. He is currently developing a series of creative documentaries. Loves: the sea, music, cinema and literature. He writes stories. Blog.

B. A. EtxanizB. A. Etxaniz, Writer
Music, cinema, literature, gastronomy, flora and fauna, internet… Qualified in Audiovisual communication, he is able to write on any of the above. You’ll find him, laptop strapped to his back, anywhere there is a story to be found. If asked his favorite director he’d reply John Ford. That explains the photo.

Zoe MartínZoe Martín, Writer
Born in Huelva and educated abroad, Zoe brings her innate curiosity and traveling spirit to Tertulia Andaluza. Collaborating with several publications throughout Spain, she has joined the team to show us what’s new in this corner of the southern world.

Encarni Aguirre Encarni Aguirre, Guardian Angel
After hours locked inside without the seeing the light of day, she appears at the door like an angel with arms full of biscuits, fruit and delicious coffee. She brings us back to life!

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