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The team

Our team is made up of a group of inspired and experienced professionals. They have put their talent and hard work into creating the project you see today.


Cecilia BogaardCecilia Bogaard, Director & Editor
Anthropologist and documentary photographer who founded Tertulia Andaluza on discovering the lack of online spaces for debating culture in Andalusia. Her aim? To give a voice to creative people and rediscover Andalusia with their help. “Let the wild and savage world of the World Wide Web get ready! For here she comes with her sweet violence to bring some soul to the online world”.

LakshmiLakshmi I. Aguirre, Senior Writer & Editor
Films such as In a Lonely Place, The Quiet Man, and Avanti! cemented her love for cinema. Cortázar her love of literature. Winner of several short story prizes and member of the Youth Panel at the San Sebastián Film Festival. She writes to share her love of culture.

Luis Perez.jpgLuis Pérez, Software Programmer
Developer of software applications for companies such as Unicaja, Makalumedia and Currently leading the technical team at RaiN Central. He brings his knowledge of physics, electronics and financial systems to the team.

Carlos SisiCarlos Sisi, Web Design
Involved in hundreds of web and multimedia projects since 1994, creator of RaiN Central and specialized in web solutions. His work with PCmanía and Micromanía culminated in the creation of interactive multimedia guides on CDROM. He still finds times to work on, write Los Caminantes and set up

Karin PinterKarin Pinter, Online Marketing Manager
Web designer and specialist in search engine optimisation, online promotion and marketing. Karin Pinter is one of those elusive Internet beings who travels the world and the World Wide Web making sure that our clients websites are fully optimised. Director of Nvision Studio, Karin is also in charge of ensuring that Tertulia Andaluza is always visible. Everywhere.

Kaajal MansukhaniKaajal Mansukhani, Press & Marketing
With more than seven years working in the communication section, Kaajal firmly believes that everyone and everything has a story that needs to be told. If told in the right way, it can attract attention. Born in Malaga and with Hindu roots, Kaajal has come to the team with words of wisdom and lots of energy to help our clients get their message out there.

cristina doradorElsa Cabria, Writer

maria iglesiasMaría Iglesias, Writer
Experienced journalist (for the likes of the Diario de Sevilla and news agency EFE), scriptwriter and producer (Paramount Comedy). María Iglesias joins the team with her innate energy and humour that make her an essential part of our network. If you want to know anything about Seville, María is the person to ask. Her blog is filled with surprises.

Ben CooperBen Cooper, Writer
Somewhere between going to university in Granada and opening a backpackers’ hostel in Malaga, Andalusia got its hooks into Ben Cooper. As professional travel writer he spends his time flitting listlessly between the Axarquia and London, where he is the editorial director of Travel Intelligence, an archive of boutique and luxury hotels in Spain from across the globe.

Julio RuizJulio Ruiz, Writer
Qualified journalist and lover of Andalusian culture. Born and raised in Malaga, he has been an integral part of Tertulia Andaluza since the very beginning. His knowledge of the area and its hidden treasures is inexhaustible, candid and surprising.

And our most important contributor: ta_team_you.gif

Junta de Andalucia
Tertulia Andaluza S.L. was born in march 2008 and has been recognized as an Innovative Project by the Regional Government of Andalusia (Junta de Andalucía).




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