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12-O-09: Guadalupe Plata and Chin Yi win at the 2009 Andalusian Young Pop Rock Circuit

The victors, from Jaen and Granada respectively, celebrate at the final that took place during Monkey Week 2009.

By:  Tertulia Andaluza
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The band Guadalupe Plata, from Ubeda (Jaen) and ChinYi from Granada won at the 2009 Andalusian Young Pop Rock Circuit that was celebrated this year at the 2009 Monkey Week Festival in El Puerto de Santa Maria.

The prize? Both groups will have the chance to record an album at the music studio of Paco Loco and they’ll take part in a musical production and composition workshop in the Albergue de la Musica in Torremolinos. But that’s not all. Both bands will also play in a sponsored tour of at least six concerts including performances within the Pop-Rock Cycle of concerts at the Teatro Central (Seville), Teatro Alhambra (Granada) and Teatro Cánovas (Malaga). They will also perform at several music festivals including: Eutopía (Cordoba), Músicas Urbanas Festival (Huelva) and Zaidín Rock (Granada). The prize also includes performances in several national festivals and backing to attend international fairs and showcases.

Ana Lógica (Granada), Southern Art Society (Seville), Chico Malo (Lucena, Cordoba) and Bei Ping Mafia (Seville) reached the last stage of the competition.

The Guadalupe Plata trio, who defines their music as tricky blues, produced their first LP with the help of the Sociedad Fonográfica Subterránea and won first prize at Largarto Rock Festival. Chin Yi reached the final stage of Proyecto DEMO, a competition organized by the FIB Heineken Festival, as well as being selected as Best Demo 2008 by the magazine Mondosonoro for Ju (2005) and Mei (2007) and Tai (2008).




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