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14-F-10: Winners of the 2010 Goya Awards

Celda 211 won Best Film, while Ágora by Amenábar unsurprisingly won big at this year’s Goya awards. The Andalusian productions Yo, también and La dama y la muerte also took home little Goya statues.

By: Tertulia Andaluza

There were two positive aspects to the 2010 Goya Awards Gala; the lack of adverts on TV that usually make the awards go on for what seems like an eternity and the new president of the Academy of Spanish Cinema Alex de la Iglesia. With his usual tendency for verborrhea and his feet planted firmly on the ground, Alex de la Iglesia managed to bring not only Penélope Cruz and Javier Bardem, but also Pedro Almódovar, usually at war with the Academy, to the award ceremony.

And the winners are:

· Best Film : Celda 211
· Best Director: Daniel Monzón (Celda 211)
· Best Actor: Luis Tosar (Celda 211)
· Best Actress: Lola Dueñas (Yo, también [1])
· Best Actor in a Supporting Role: Raúl Arévalo (Gordos)
· Best Actress in a Supporting Role: Marta Etura (Celda 211)
· Best Newcomer (Actor): Alberto Ammann (Celda 211)
· Best Newcomer (Actress): Soledad Villamil (El secreto de sus ojos)
· Best Adapted Screenplay: D. Monzón & J. Gerricaechevarría (Celda 211)
· Best Original Screenplay: M. Gil & A. Amenábar (Ágora)
· Best New Director: Mar Coll (Tres días con la familia)
· Best Producer: José Luis Escolar (Ágora)
· Best Cinematography: Xavi Giménez (Ágora)
· Best Editor: Mapa Pastor (Celda 211)
· Best Art Director: Guy Hendrix Dyas (Ágora)
· Best Costume Design: Gabriella Pescucci (Ágora)
· Best Sound: Sergio Burmann, Jaime Fernández & Carlos Faruolo (Celda 211)
· Best Original Song: Yo también (Yo, también [1])
· Best Original Score Written for Motion Pictures: Alberto Iglesias (Los abrazos rotos)
· Best Makeup and Hair: Jan Sewell, Suzanne Stokes-Munton (Ágora)
· Best Visual Effects: Chris Reynolds & Félix Bergés (Ágora)
· Best Animated Film: Planet 51
· Best Documentary: Garbo, el hombre que salvó el mundo
· Best Latin American Film: El secreto de sus ojos (Juan José Campanella)
· Best European Film: Slumdog Millonaire (Danny Boyle)
· Best Short Film, Fiction: Dime que yo (Mateo Gil)
· Best Documentary Short: Flores de Ruanda (David Muñoz López)
· Best Animated Short Film: La dama y la muerte (Javier Recio - Kandor Graphics and Green Moon [2])

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[1] Yo, también: http://www.tertuliaandaluza.com/cultura/cine/resena-yo-tambien/

[2] Green Moon: http://www.tertuliaandaluza.com/negocios/green-moon/

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