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21-N-09: Winners of the Latin American Film Festival of Huelva 2009

Chilean film The Maid wins gold at the 2009 Latin American Film Festival in Huelva. Featuring film from throughout the continent, Latin American cinema finds a home in the city of Huelva once again. Alternative films and emotional cinema. Cinema with a capital C.

By:  Julio Ruiz
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And the winners are…

· Colón de Oro for Best Feature Film: The Maid - La Nana (Chile) directed by Sebastián Silva. “Raquel, a bitter and introverted woman, has been the Valdés family’s maid for 23 years. One day Pilar, her mistress, hires another maid to help her with the daily chores. Feeling her place in the family threatened, she drives the new arrival away with cruel psychological abuse. This happens time and again, until Pilar hires Lucy, who finally breaks through the barriers Raquel has built around her heart”.

· Special Jury Award: Francia (Argentina) directed by Israel Adrián Caetano. “Mariana doesn’t like her name and starts calling herself Gloria. Her parents separated before she reached her first birthday and today, like many estranged couples, they are forced under the same roof once again by their inability to find work. Cristina, her mother, rents part of the house to her ex- husband for a bit of extra cash. Francia is the story of people who never stray far from home, taking refuge from the ugly outside world. Meanwhile, Mariana puts on her headphones to block our her parents fighting”.

· Carabela de Plata for Best Newcomer: La Mosca en la Ceniza (Argentina) directed by Gabriela David. “The story of two close friends who come to Buenos Aires from the Northwest looking for a better future. Unfortunately they are victims of deceit and end up working in a brothel. There, one of them will adapt to survive and the other will try to flee”.

· Colón de Plata for Best Director: director Sebastián Silva for La Nana (Chile). “Multifaceted artist whose work includes painting, illustration and popular music. His first film, La vida me mata, won numerous awards in Chile and earned him critical acclaim. La Nana is his second feature film”.

· Colón de Plata for Best Actor: Fernando Luján in Cinco días sin Nora (Mexico).

· Colón de Plata for Best Actress: Catalina Saavedra in La Nana (Chile).

· Colón de Plata for Best Original Screenplay: Héctor Gálvez for Paraíso (Peru). “It’s exactly a month since Che Loco was killed by a rival gang. For that reason Joaquín, Antuanet, Lalo, Mario and Sara, long life friends, walk across the sandy outskirts outside Paraiso to leave offerings at their friend’s grotto. Antuanet, the most superstitious of the group, uses the opportunity to ask their friends to make a wish. And if adolescence is always a difficult stage of life, it’s even more complicated for these friends who live in Paraiso: a borough in the outskirts of Lima”.

· Colón de Plata for Best Photography: Paúl de Lumen for Zona Sur(Bolivia) directed by Carlos Valdivia.

· Audience Award for Best Feature Film: Héctor y Bruno (Spain) directed by Ana Rosa Diego.

· RTVA-Cajasol Award for Best Short Film: Groenlandia (Brazil) directed by Rafael Figueiredo. “Franco returns home after ten years away. He opens the doos to find his mother and an unwanted past”.

· Special Mention goes to the short film A guerra de Arturo (Brazil) by directors Pedro Arantes and Júlio Taubkin. “Arturo works for the TV news. It is not an exciting job, and all he does is type monotonous news into the system. Nevertheless, a mistake he makes will break this routine and spark a war between Brazil and Argentina. Now, he needs to amend this mistake”.




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