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Lori Meyers

If you were to list the best national independent rock bands, you wouldn’t find many Andalusian bands. Lori Meyers has managed to break into this elite circle with their vibrant album Cronolánea. Originally from Granada, Lori Meyers dazzles its audience. Thanks to the bands catchy Spanish lyrics, its fanbase is on the up.

By:  Julio Ruiz
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Independent rock
Birth: 1998 (Loja, Granada)
Stands out for: songs with pop choruses and strong rock guitar
Did you know?: Félix Viscarret directed the music video for Luces de Neón

In 2008 Lori Meyers celebrated its tenth anniversary. Surprisingly its members were only 26 years old, meaning one of two things: that their band members don’t stick around for very long or that they’ve been paying together since they were teenagers, evolving as a group over time and developing hit songs. Lori Meyers can attribute their success to the latter.

“At the beginning we just wanted to get our first big break. When that happened we had to keep going. Once we were successful we kept on learning step by step and trying to produce new things”, explains Noni, the lead singer, with the confidence of someone who has persisted until reaching a point where he can hold his head high in the independent rock industry. “If you don’t make it, there’s simply not very much you can do about it,” he explains cautiously.

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Originally from Loja (Granada), they released their third album Cronolánea in 2008. The album appeals to the whole rock spectrum at a time when the industry is undergoing a crisis in a market overcome by rampant downloading of music and rapidly tumbling CD sales. Whilst sung in Spanish, their powerful songs have a more American sound than on their previous albums (Viaje de estudios, 2002 and Hostal Pimodán, 2005) thanks to their producer Ken Coomer (drummer from bands such as Uncle Tupelo and Wilco). The band locked themselves in a studio along with Croomer and sound engineer Charlie Brocco for almost three weeks in the beach town of Motril (Granada). Here they polished up the guitar sounds and mixes in order to perfect the thirteen songs on the album.

“I’d have to admit I’m not right”, is the English translation of the chorus in the single Luces de Neón, in which you can hear the strong influence of country music. Noni, Alejandro, Sergio and Alfredo’s songs express everyday emotions. They are uncommon love songs about friendship, complicity and the strain of living as a couple. They recognize that it is hard to feel inspired every day. “To continue playing well and keep the passion alive, you need to know when to stop and rest”, explains Noni when referring to their laid back work ethic. Lori Meyers is currently in the privileged position of making a living from what they love.

With Cronolánea, recorded by the international music label Universal, the band has gained its place alongside other Andalusian indie bands such as Los Planetas and Señor Chinarro. Since taking their name from one of their favourite NOFX tracks, Lori Meyers has made considerable progress, always maintaining their particular pop philosophy on life. They live surrounded by fresh talent. The illustrator Vanesa Zafra creates their album artwork and the film director Félix Viscarret created the music video for Luces de Neón. They bring together influences from a variety of bands including Superchunk, Bob Dylan and The Who. Needless to say, it won’t take long before you’re hooked.



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