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Top 5 People in 2009: Forecast

Five people who will be the talk of the town in 2009. Our list of creative, engaged and intelligent people who will help make Andalusia a better place in the year to come.

zenetToni Zenet (Malaga, 1967) - Musician

The truth is we fell in love with the way he wears his hat, the swing in his step and the gentlemanly elegance he carries off so well. Reminiscent of a 1950s movie star, Tony Zenet is a name we hope to hear more of this year. Los mares de china is one of those albums you’ll want to listen to over and over. zenet myspace

Miguel PasquauMiguel Pasquau (Úbeda, Jaen, 1959) - Judge

The elusive judge of the High Court of Justice for Andalusia is in the midst of Urquia case. New evidence has relaunched the investigation into the role played by the judge Francisco Javier de Urquía in the much publicised corruption scandal in Marbella. In 2009 Pasquau will renew faith in the rule of law and prove that not even judges can act with impunity. He will hopefully prove that justice is uncompromising and is not child’s play.

antonio de la torreAntonio de la Torre (Malaga, 1968) - Actor

Considered second to none as the quintessential supporting actor of Spanish Cinema. With a career spanning over thirty films (including Soderbergh’s Che) and a Goya for his role in Azuloscurocasinegro, de la Torre captivates with his three-day beard, carisma and penetrating gaze. In 2009 he is set to reach an all time high for his career with several projects on the pipeline, including Gordos, La isla interior and Ojos de invierno.

marta pelegrin y fernando perez mediomundo Marta Pelegrín (Seville, 1973) y Fernando Pérez (Uruguay, 1969) - Architects

Together they make up Mediomundo, an architecture studio in Seville which advocates “the intelligent city”: a meeting point to stimulate and help develop urban values in a cities citizens. Their work has been recognized by architectural awards for a housing project in Conil and the Vejer de la Frontera Theatre. In 2009 they will be focusing on their current project, the new Faculty of Health Sciences in Granada.

Javier Rodriguez GoogleJavier Rodriguez (Cordoba, 1969) - President of Google Spain

Is internet the way to escape the crisis? Rodríguez is convinced it is. “Internet will make way for new forms of doing business for many companies”, he comments. In 2009, with the crisis predicted to get worse before it gets any better, Rodríguez is charged with an immense task as spokesperson for the internet giant in Spain. This year is his opportunity to convince business to get online quick, even in Andalusia.



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El 12 December 2009 a las 2:01 PM, manolito dijo...

no serán….”gente pal 2010…?

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El 12 December 2009 a las 2:56 PM, Cecilia Bogaard dijo...

Nop. Esto se publicó en Enero 2009 para el 2009.

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