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Vote! Top People in 2010

Now is your chance to vote for the person you believe has contributed most to Andalusia in 2010 from a selection of names you nominated in our survey. The ballots are open until the 15th March 2011. Help us choose the Top 5 People in Andalusia in 2010.

By: Tertulia Andaluza

antonio de la torreAntonio de la Torre (Malaga [1], 1968) - Actor

Versatile actor with a special talent for comedy and drama, this Malaga-born actor is enjoying a good phase. His coherent and explosive career has led him to work with some of Spain’s best directors including Carlos Saura, Alex de la Iglesia, Gómez Pereira, Icíar Bollaín… In 2010 we’ve had the chance to see him in action in films such as Lope, Balada triste de trompeta and La isla interior. That’s why he’s back competing in the final of our Top 5 People for 2010.

antonio garcia villaranAntonio García Villarán (Seville [2], 1976) - Poet

Not only did he decide to found a publishing house dedicated to poetry in 2005 (El Cangrejo Pistolero [3]) but he’s also taken the genre from the comfort of a minority audience to the forefront of cultural life in Seville. Perfopoesía festival has followed the lead of Cosmopoética [4] in Cordoba - with a slightly more irreverent and street feel to it. Original and innovative verse in a festival brimming with emerging poets.

Baltasar Garzon RealBaltasar Garzón Real (Torres, Jaen [5], 1955) - Judge

His constant defense of human rights and the persecution of corruption and dictatorial regimes has won him international acclaim. In May 2010 he was suspended from the Central Court of Criminal Proceedings for purportedly exceeding his authority when investigating crimes committed by the Franco regime. Meanwhile he is working at the International Criminal Court in The Hague. A controversial figure confronting power in all its disguises. Pro Garzon Platform [6].

enrique morenteEnrique Morente [7] (Granada [8], 1942 - 2010) - Flamenco musician

2010 was a year of goodbyes. One of the most painful for the flamenco world was that of this fabulous flamenco singer from the Albayzín in Granada who strove to reform flamenco in Andalusia. In 2010 Morente published the album Llanto por Ignacio Sánchez Mejías in which he set to music the homonymic poem by his neighbour Federico García Lorca [9]. Morente also took part in Cosmopoética Festival [4], performing in a concert [10] that proved his exceptional qualities.

israel galvanIsrael Galván (Seville [2], 1973) - Flamenco dancer and choreographer

It’s almost as if the mind of this flamenco dancer, choreographer and musical acrobat works at the speed of his feet. Incessant creator, Israel Galván not only premiered two shows in 2010 (Solo and La edad de oro) but he has taken flamenco dance to levels of high art across the world. His performance in the film Flamenco, Flamenco by Carlos Saura [11] was just the cherry on top.

Ivan Salvia SeguesIván Salvía Segués (Barcelona [2], 1970) - Animal Rights Activist

Based in Cártama (Malaga) and an activist by nature, he’s been working to ensure that animal abusers receive sentences and serve them too. In May 2010 he helped ensure that a group of youths in Cáceres were condemned for the murder of a donkey. He’s been promoting the use of donkeys in what he terms Donkey Therapy from the Donkey Sanctuary [12] at which he was director until October 2010. He’s currently working as a volunteer at the CYD Santa María while he is devising a new project related to therapy using animals. Blog [13].

javier perianesJavier Perianes [14] (Nerva, 1978) - Pianist

Carnegie Hall in New York, Wigmore Hall in London, conservatories in both Moscow and Shanghai, the Palau de la Música in Barcelona… these are just some of the stages from which this young Huelva-born musician has wowed audiences across the world. Perianes has collaborated with directors including Daniel Barenboim and Zubin Mehta and orchestras such as the London Philharmonic or the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra. In 2010 Perianes has given listeners the opportunity to discover the Andalusian composer Blasco de Nebra with his delicious new album Blasco De Nebra: Sonatas piano [15] produced by Harmonia Mundi.

jose ignacio lapidoJosé Ignacio Lapido (Granada [8], 1962) - Musician

It’s hard to disassociate the guitar and lyrics of this Granada-based musician from the 1980s and 1990s rock band 091 of which he was a part. Versatile musician, columnist and TV scriptwriter, Lapido adds an unexpected twist to his biography by launching a solo musical career. His latest album De sombras y sueños has achieved critical acclaim and a loyal following at live concerts across the country.

lara belloLara Bello [16] (Granada [8], 1980) - Singer

This Granada-born musician is rapidly becoming a much needed musical ambassador for Andalusia with her album Niña Pez. From Granada to New York, New York to Palestine, and Japan to Syria… Lara Bello doesn’t hang around in one place for long as her music takes her around the world. In 2010 her album attained 46th place in the 2010 World Music Charts Europe: top amongst Spanish musicians.

myriam secoMyriam Seco (Seville [2], 1967) - Egyptologist

The chance to coordinate the excavation of a temple in Luxor must be the dream job for anyone in love with ancient Egypt. This Seville-born egyptologist has been chosen to do just that. Specialized in ancient Mesopotamia, Myriam Seco has been working on several archaeological sites since 1996 including the excavation of the mortuary temple of Tuthmosis III. A vital voice for international archaeology.

gitanas del vacieMujeres gitanas del Vacie (El Vacie, Seville [2]) - Actresses

“They’ve revolutionized the theatre not just in Seville, but in Spain too, for the uniqueness of their venture and Lorca spirit”. Or so said the headlines of many of the most important newspapers in Spain after the premier of La Casa de Bernarda Alba, a production of the Lorca text directed by Pepa Gamboa and produced by the Teatro Atalaya TNT in Seville. So, what makes it so unique? The stars of the show are gypsy women from one of the oldest shantytowns in Europe: El Vacie. Internationally acclaimed artists that deserve our undivided attention.

rafael munozRafael Muñoz (Cordoba [17], 1988) - Swimmer

The talents of this young Cordoba-born athlete seem to know no bounds. World record holder for the 50-metre butterfly and holder of the title of third best time for the 100-metre butterfly (his speciality) Rafael Muñoz is one of the best Spanish swimmers of all time. In 2010 he was proclaimed European champion of 50-metre butterfly. Despite the controversy in 2010, we’re big fans. © Madero Cubero

ramon salazarRamón Salazar (Malaga [1], 1963) - Filmmaker

Piedras, his first movie, has surprised critics at home and abroad. The film was well received at film festivals in San Francisco and Berlin and has put Ramón Salazar up there with some of the most promising young directors this year. After a risky musical entitled 20 Centimeters and another film in the works, this Malaga-born director is now a candidate for the 2011 Goya Awards as best screenplay writer for the film Tres metros sobre el suelo (2010).

rocio molinaRocío Molina (Malaga [1], 1984) - Flamenco dancer

Born in Malaga, Rocío Molina started out as a dancer when she was only three years old. Having been trained by some of the best dance gurus and having performed on the most important stages on the flamenco circuit, Rocío Molina has finally come of age. In 2010 she stunned audiences with her performance at the Seville Flamenco Biennale in the show Cuando las piedras vuelen. In 2001 the Ministry of Culture of Spain awarded her the well-deserved Premio Nacional de Danza (National Dance Award).

rosa aguilarRosa Aguilar (Cordoba [17], 1957) - Politician

The mayoress of Cordoba for a decade with Izquierda Unida (United Left). In 2009 she left IU to become Minister for Public works at the Andalusian Regional Government. In 2010 she was appointed Spanish Minister of Environment after only a year and a half with the Socialist Party, one of the most important posts in the country. Charismatic and combative politics are her hallmarks. With those tools in hand she faces two major obstacles: the reform of the CAP (Common Agricultural Policy) and the boundaries of Doñana.

sara mesaSara Mesa (Madrid, 1976) - Writer

Born in Madrid and based in Seville, Sara Mesa is known for her short stories and poetry including La sobriedad del galápago and Este jilguero agenda (Miguel Hernández National Poetry Award 2007). She has attained critical and public acclaim for her first novel El trepanador de cerebros., a book brimming with original characters and fresh use of language.

veronica sanchezVerónica Sánchez (Seville [2], 1977) - Actress

Verónica Sánchez came to fame with Los Serrano in which her Catalan accent camouflaged her Sevillan origins. Her filmography includes Al sur de Granada, Camarón, Mia Sarah and Las trece rosas, but it was with Gordos that she won the ASECAN Award in 2010 given by the Andalusian Association of Screenplay Writers.

zaharaZahara [18] (Úbeda, 1984) - Singer

The title of her hit album La fabulosa historia de… is almost as long as the list of places where this Ubeda-born musician has played in 2010. She’s performed at hundreds of gigs in bars, venues, clubs and even our very own rooftop [19] bringing her sweet voice and musical talent wherever she goes. Her collaborations with bands such as Love of Lesbian have only added to the musical journey.

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