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Vote! Top People in 2009

Of the hundreds of names you sent in our quest to find the Top 5 People in 2009 we’ve chosen the 20 most popular. The ballots are open until the 18th of January 2010. Vote for the person you believe has contributed most to Andalusia in 2009 from a selection of ecologists, musicians, chefs, athletes and writers.

By:  Tertulia Andaluza
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These are your 20 nominations. Voting will only take a second. All you need to do is click on the name of the person who you’d like to see become one of the Top 5 People in 2009 in the poll you’ll find at the bottom of the page.

alberto rodriguezAlberto Rodríguez (Seville, 1971) - Director and screenwriter

In 2000 it was El Factor Pilgrim and in 2002 El traje. With 7 Vírgenes (2005) he was a box office hit. But in 2009 Alberto Rodríguez, director and screenwriter from Seville, he has reached a more mature point in his career and his experience is evident. Known for the realism, emotion and drama he transmits to the audience, his films are frequently centred around themes relating to an anguished path in search of maturity. © Foto: Julio Vergne.

annie b sweetAnni B. Sweet (Malaga, 1988) - Musician

She’s young and she’s got talent. Originally from Malaga, Anni B. Sweet started out by uploading some songs to MySpace before being catapulted to stardom as Spain’s indie pop idol. Ana López managed to get a gig at FIB (Benicàssim International Festival) without so much as an album and her demo was voted best demo in 2008 by the magazine Mondo Sonoro. Her tour Start, Restart, Undo just started and in 2010 she plans to continue spreading her dulcet tones. Anni B Sweet MySpace © Foto: Roger Blasco.

antonio de la torreAntonio de la Torre (Malaga, 1968) - Actor

In 2009 Antonio de la Torre has finally become a star, taking his place in magazines, newspapers and on TV thanks to the film Gordos. Unfortunately the press focused on the weight he put on for the part rather than his talent when it comes to interpreting his roles. De la Torre is a fabulous actor and we want to see him on the big screen more!

carlos pachecoCarlos Pacheco (San Roque, Cadiz, 1962) - Comic book artist

From his birthplace in Cadiz, Carlos Pacheco has evolved to become one of the most well-known Spanish comic book artists in the world. Amongst his best work you’ll find classics such as Superman, Fantastic Four, X-Men and The Avengers. In 2009 he returned to Marvel after a spell working at Warner with Mark Millar, screenwriter for Wanted, part of the collection Ultimate Avengers. tertuliaandaluza/carlos-pacheco.

carlos sisiCarlos Sisí (Málaga, 1971) - Writer and graphic designer

It seems as though the sky is the limit in 2009 for this newcomer on the writing circuit. His first novel, Los Caminantes, has taken blogs, forums and websites by storm and when it hit the shelves it sold out immediately. So what’s so special about Carlos Sisi? His imagination has transformed Malaga into a necropolis in which the living dead take to the streets. Fantasy seems to be the ideal genre for the times we live in and Carlos Sisí has hit the nail on the head.

monkey week festivalCésar Guisado, Jesús Guisado & Tali Carreto - Monkey Week (El Puerto de Santa María, Cadiz, 2009) - Directors of Monkey Week Festival

The capacity to organize a concentration of 90 concerts and 400 indie music professionals in the Puerto de Santa María (Cadiz) for three days straight is a job for passionate fools. In 2009 Jesús, César and Tali have had to clone themselves many times over to create the Andalusian indie music festival Monkey Week and run Freek Magazine alongside many other exciting projects.

dani garciaDani García (Marbella, Malaga, 1966) - Chef

This young chef, awarded the National Award for Gastronomy, is at the front of the acclaimed Marbella Restaurant Calima. In 2007 he opened La Moraga, a gastrobar in Malaga for unique tapas. In 2009 he has spread his wings with two more, one in the Corte Inglés in Malaga and another in Puerto Banus in Marbella. Rumour has it, there are plans for a chain in the works. Somehow he manages to combine liquid nitrogen and more traditional dishes such as gazpachuelo. Delicious!

emilio morenattiEmilio Morenatti (Jerez, Cadiz, 1969) - Photographer

Photographer Emilio Morenatti was the AP correspondent in Kabul when he was wounded in August 2009. Morenatti started out in Jerez before heading for Seville, Jerusalem and then Kabul. Persistent and sharp, this photojournalist portrays war and conflict from the perspective of their protagonists. Known for images of female acid burn victims in Pakistan for which he won the FotoPress 09 Award. Morenatti created for the benefit of humanitarian organizations in African. We doubt he’ll be out of action for long.

enrique aguirreEnrique Aguirre (Malaga, 1969) - Photographer

Aguirre’s images of animals and landscapes from far-flung places are downloaded at his studio in San Francisco (USA). His aim? “To show you those places as they should be, to make sure you want to keep them how they are”. This nature photographer is living proof that it is possible for dreams to come true. In 2010 he plans to lead safari workshops to remote locations such as the Rocky Mountains and Falkland Islands. tertuliaandaluza/enrique-aguirre.

enrique morenteEnrique Morente (Granada, 1942) - Musician

The truth is that Enrique Morente, the musician from Granada, has been a source of inspiration since birth in the Albaicín of Granada. His albums mark a before and after in flamenco since his irreverent Omega (1996). In 2009 he’s been the subject of many magazine covers, has collaborated to create electrifying film soundtracks and has toured Spain to present the album Pablo de Málaga. His talent knows no bounds. Página Oficial de Enrique Morente

fernando francesFernando Francés (Torrelavega, Cantabria, 1961) - Director of the CAC Malaga

Director of what is becoming one of the most important centres for contemporary art in Europe, Fernando Francés has brought artists such as Barceló, Tracy Emin and Matthias Weischer to Malaga. He’s also worked to take Malaga to some of the most important art fairs in the world, such as Venice and Shanghai. Editor of Arte y Parte, curator and art critic, thanks to him the CAC Malaga is reaching new heights. tertuliaandaluza/fernando-frances

guillermo vazquiez consuegraGuillermo Vázquez Consuegra (Seville, 1945) - Architect

This has been a very good year for Guillermo Vázquez Consuegra. In 2009 he has converted the Reales Atarazanas (royal shipyards) into the CaizaForum in Seville and renovated the Archaeological Museum. But that’s not all. In the pipeline, the renovation of the San Telmo Palace into the head office for the Andalusian Regional Government, the extension of the convention centre and rehabilitation of the Pabellón de la Navegación built in the Expo 1992. And that’s just in Seville!

jose antonio muñoz rojasJosé Antonio Muñoz Rojas (Antequera, Malaga, 1909-2009) - Poet

A poet of everyday life, Muñoz Rojas represented a perfect union of cosmopolitan and village life. On the verge of reaching a hundred years of age, he left us in 2009. Winner of the Spanish National Prize of Literature and the Reina Sofia Iberian Poetry Award, Muñoz Rojas was part of the generation of 35 and his works are up there with great writers such as Machado and Aleixandre, both close friends. To explain the importance of his verse would take volumes. © Foto: Eduardo Muñoz Bayo

agricultorJosé Luis Arcila Ayala (El Puerto de Santa María, Cadiz, 1939) - Andalusian Farmer

Our users reminded us not to forget the many unknown and often forgotten people working the land, especially in view of the 2009 crisis. In the prevalent atmosphere of unfair competition and intermediaries eating away at profit margins, the battle to survive is a constant struggle. This has been a bad year and farmers have said “enough is enough!”. Let’s not forget to support rural workers who, out of a love of the land, struggle to survive during a year of slim pickings.

juan terrobaJuan Terroba (Arriate - Malaga, 1960) - Ecologist

Aside from running La Algaba de Ronda, this ecologist is helping spread the word about ecological agriculture and cattle farming. In charge of the Programme for Environmental Education and Recovery of Indigenous Cattle, he runs this uniquely beautiful country estate located amongst holm and cork oaks. Head of the Ronda branch of environmental group Ecologists in Action, his greatest challenge is to defend the area that is under threat due to over development and corruption. © Foto: Cecilia Bogaard.

marina alabauMarina Alabau (Seville, 1985) - Windsurfer

It’s been a pretty hectic couple of years and Marina Alabau has been collecting awards since February 2007. In 2008 she came fourth in the Beijing Olympics and every year she just seems to get better and better. In 2009 Marina Alabau became the RS:X European Champion in the women’s race. © Foto: Nico Martínez.

pablo pinedaPablo Pineda (Malaga, 1974) - Actor and teacher

Not only was he awarded the Silver Seashell in the San Sebastian Film Festival for the film Yo También, but he’s also the first person with down syndrome to obtain a university degree.. Originally from Malaga, nothing seems impossible for this man whose words display uncommon intelligence and modesty. Pineda’s talent has been proven throughout 2009.

paco bezerraPaco Bezerra (Almeria, 1978) - Playwright

Playwright, lyricist and actor, Paco Bezarra has won several theatrical awards, but 2009 is when he truly made it into the spotlight. Winner of the National Prize for Dramatic Literature in 2009 for Dentro de la tierra, the story of an impossible love set in the greenhouses of the province of Almeria, Bezarra is a shining beacon for young, versatile and raw talent. Bezerra MySpace.

pancho brañasPancho Brañas (Cordoba, 1966) - Drummer and percussionist

We weren’t familiar with his work before our survey, but looking at his CV we don’t know how we could have missed him! If the saying “you are who you know” is true, Pancho Brañas is one of the best. Enrique Morente, Rubém Dantas, Jorge Pardo and Chano Domínguez are just some of the names with whom he has graced the stage. Due to the quality of his work and his prolific discography, this musician deserves our attention. Pancho Brañas MySpace.

toni zenetToni Zenet (Malaga, 1967) - Musician

Last year we forecast that this musician would be the talk of the town in 2009 and we were right. His Spanish tour was a knockout with tickets sold out across the country as audiences sang along to “soñar contigo” and fell in love with his gentlemanly elegance. This actor and singer from Malaga has fulfilled all our expectations with the album Los Mares de China. tertuliaandaluza/toni-zenet.



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El 25 December 2009 a las 12:54 PM, Beatriz dijo...

Olé monkey week!

Pon tu propia imagen con Gravatar
El 27 December 2009 a las 8:47 PM, SUSANA dijo...

Arriba FF

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El 27 December 2009 a las 10:08 PM, LOLA FRIAS dijo...


Pon tu propia imagen con Gravatar
El 29 December 2009 a las 6:08 PM, Rosa Colmenarejo dijo...

¿Tan poquitas chicas haciendo grande Andalucía? Creo que hay muchas mujeres grandes y sabias que no están en esta lista… la proporción debería haceros sonrojar, la verdad, 2/22!

Pon tu propia imagen con Gravatar
El 30 December 2009 a las 7:44 AM, Paco Ibañez dijo...

Todos bien, pero Fernando Francés??

Pon tu propia imagen con Gravatar
El 30 December 2009 a las 11:25 AM, Lakshmi I. Aguirre dijo...

Hola Rosa:

Tienes toda la razón. Faltan muchas mujeres. Esta lista es el resultado de una encuesta anterior. Los que habían sido nominados un mayor número de veces aparecían como finalistas.

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El 3 January 2010 a las 5:13 PM, Gerald dijo...

I hope the Andalusian farmers get it! Good luck!

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