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Top 5 Blogs in Andalusia 2010

After a long wait and several months of nominations and voting, we’re proud to announce the 2010 Top 5 Andalusian Blogs. What to know their names? Drumroll please! One thing’s for certain, we’ve discovered that Cadiz is producing some fabulous bloggers.

By: Tertulia Andaluza

top 5 blogs andalusia 2010 periana y pedanias [1]Periana y Pedanías [2]

This Spanish-language blog is the perfect example of how to become a meeting point for an entire area. Gema Frías is the founder of this blog in which the residents Periana and the surrounding villages take part daily. Between them they’ve created a space that brings together current affairs for the area, history, customs, culture and practical advice for visitors and residents of this little corner in northern Axarquía in Malaga, bordering with Granada. A sure way to put Periana on the internet map.

top 5 blogs andalusia 2010 periana el alcalde de jun [3]El Alcalde de Jun [4]

Jun is a small village in the province of Granada that is constantly reaching out to the outside world thanks to a blog written by its mayor José Antonio Rodríguez Salas. Launched in 2007 the mayor reflects on current affairs, cultural events and even replies to formal complaints made by residents (in Spanish). This is a great form of open and direct communication with the citizens of Jun and something that other town halls should think of doing too, whatever party they’re from.

top 5 blogs andalusia 2010 galimatias cadiz [5]Galimatías Cádiz [5]

Culture, critique and opinion from Cadiz, or at least that’s how Lolo Romero describes his Spanish language blog. Current affairs, literature, music, design and art have found a home! The posts aren’t just short entries. They are profound and sharp reflections on the various subjects the author decides to focus on. The aim? To try to understand the galimatías, or gobbledygook, that makes life interesting.

top 5 blogs andalusia 2010 the fliying congrios [6]The Flying Congrios [6]

They call him Fra:Co and he defines himself as a “Fisherman of conger eels born in ancient Miletus in the year 2000 during the era of John Lennon”. Enigmas aside, his real identity can be found in his texts: short stories, articles and poems (in Spanish) that invade this Cadiz-based blog. Every now and then, he includes a video in which you can see his face and the guitar he holds in his hands. Why has it been voted? It’s all about the way he uses words…

top 5 blogs andalusia 2010 rosas y mosquitos [7]Rosas y Mosquitos [7]

The Cadiz-based jounralist Enrique Alcina Echeverría is name behind Rosas y Mosquitos (Roses and Mosquitos), a Spanish language blog dedicated to music, though it touches on subjects such as football, carnival and current affairs in Cadiz. A fabulous music critic, that manages to convince you to buy an album or go to a festival if he recommends it, Alcina manages to attain the perfect tone for a successful blog.

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