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Top 5 Websites for Kids

A selection of our favourite websites to help kids learn while playing online. Even though we’ve checked them out, don’t forget to accompany your kids as they surf the net.

By:  Tertulia Andaluza
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childtopia1. Childtopia
Created in 2004, this website has used the best the web has to offer to create a series of interactive games to help educate the little ones. A great way for them to learn to write, count, draw, and do handicrafts. Designed for children aged from 2 to 14, Childtopia offers a premium service for a small fee and access in many languages including: English, Catalan, Basque, French and Spanish. Our favourite character: The detective. A similar idea to playing Where’s Wally?, but with characters made out of plasticine.

sapos y princesas2. Sapos y Princesas
Make sure neither you or your kids ever get bored again! This is site for browsing with the family. Parents in need of ideas of things to do with their kids will find them here. With activities both inside and outside the house, Sapos and Princesas (meaning Toads and Princesses) divides Spain into six geographical areas and gives practical advice for kids between 0 – 12 years of age divided into different themes. They also produce a travel guide which can be bought online. Only available in Spanish.

noguays3. Noguays
Born in Malaga, this young company has created picturesque characters that star in a series of cartoons called the Noguays (literally meaning the not cool). This initiative aims to recover the fun and educational values from the programs of yesteryear. The noguays offer kids an alternative that promotes equality, removing the barriers between disabled and nondisabled children. The site includes several interactive games, news and a forum to make friends. The site is only available in Spanish.

cybermouse4. Cibermouse
This portal serves as a nexus for several sites offering online educational activities for children. While its design is not spectacular, it is great for practicing languages, learning to spell, doing maths or making arts and crafts. In its five themed ‘planets’ that include the planet of writing, numbers, languages, sciences and the arts, you’ll find several useful links. Only available in Spanish.

literaty center5. Literacy Center
Literacy Center Education Network is a portal aimed at parents, teachers and children, allowing them to learn several different languages (English, French, German and Spanish) in one single location. Letters, numbers, colours and shapes are the core themes discussed in the children’s section, while adults are given guidelines on how to conduct lessons at home or school. Founded in 1997, cibermouse has had over 30 million page views by children from 22 different countries.


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