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Top 5 Websites for Parents

Whether you’re a first time parent, you’ve given birth to twins or are the proud owner of a whole clan of mini-you’s that spend their time clinging on to various parts of your body, you’ll find some helpful tips in these five extraordinary websites. A little helping hand to keep you out of harms way on this life altering adventure.

By: Tertulia Andaluza

el parto es nuestro1. El Parto es Nuestro (The labor is ours)
A non-profit organization that fights to protect the rights of pregnant women: the right to decide how to give birth, to receive information about rights, and to have them respected at the hospital when giving birth. Run by several specialists in the field, it is a major fountain of information for parents who want information about the alternatives to giving birth in institutions this NGO believes are lagging over 20 years behind World Health Organization protocol. Available in Spanish. elpartoesnuestro.es [1].
cyber padres2. Cyber Padres (Cyber Parents)
Founded in 1998, Cyber Padres (meaning Cyber Parents) has a wide range of information about children for parents and teachers. From health and special care, to organizing a fantastic family holiday, hiring the perfect nanny or babysitter, or even choosing a school, Ciber Padres is a useful site for parents looking for information online. A great short cut to save you time and energy. This site is available in Spanish. cyberpadres.com [2].
bebes alta demanda3. Bebes de Alta Demanda (High-maintenance babies)
Some children require a great deal of energy. They need round the clock attention and cannot be away from their parents. Don’t dispair! Los bebés de alta demanda (meaning high-maintenance babies) was created to help partents suffering due to their childs constant crying or irritability. This is a guide to help maintain a healthy home environment. Advice, studies, interviews and a forum are included. This site is available in Spanish. bebesaltademanda.com [3].
generaciones interactivas4. Generaciones Interactivas (Interactive Generations)
This Spanish language forum, made up of professionals from several different disciplines throughout Spain and Latin America (including the University of Navarra and Telefónica) aims to educate children, adolescents, parents and teachers in new technologies. Their mission: to protect younger generations born into a world of digital innovation and progress, teaching them to respect certain limits, and ultimately to show them why technology shouldn’t limit social interaction. generacionesinteractivas.org [4].
colectivo la leche5. Colectivo La Leche (The Milk Collective)
Established in 1997 in Seville [5], this association was formed in reaction to a number of Spanish government policies that reduced maternity leave, and in consequence the length of time allowed for breastfeeding. Colectivo La Leche (The Milk Collective) struggle to implement the World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations that recognize the importance and health benefits of breastfeeding for at least 6 months. Monthly meetings, information, activities and a help line are all available to worried parents. Site available in Spanish. colectivolaleche.org [6].

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