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Top 5 People in 2010

Curious to see which five people have been voted the top 5 people in Andalusia in 2010? We’ve counted all your votes to discover the brilliant, creative, ingenious and remarkable people you’ve chosen to win.

By:  Tertulia Andaluza
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antonio garcia villaranAntonio García Villarán (Seville, 1976) - Poet

Not only did he decide to found a publishing house dedicated to poetry in 2005 (El Cangrejo Pistolero) but he’s also taken the genre from the comfort of a minority audience to the forefront of cultural life in Seville. Perfopoesía festival has followed the lead of Cosmopoética in Cordoba - with a slightly more irreverent and street feel to it. Original and innovative verse in a festival brimming with emerging poets.

Ivan Salvia SeguesIván Salvía Segués (Barcelona, 1970) - Animal Rights Activist

Based in Cártama (Malaga) and an activist by nature, he’s been working to ensure that animal abusers receive sentences and serve them too. In May 2010 he helped ensure that a group of youths in Cáceres were condemned for the murder of a donkey. He’s been promoting the use of donkeys in what he terms Donkey Therapy from the Donkey Sanctuary at which he was director until October 2010. He’s currently working as a volunteer at the CYD Santa María while he is devising a new project related to therapy using animals. Blog.

jose ignacio lapidoJosé Ignacio Lapido (Granada, 1962) - Musician

It’s hard to disassociate the guitar and lyrics of this Granada-based musician from the 1980s and 1990s rock band 091 of which he was a part. Versatile musician, columnist and TV scriptwriter, Lapido adds an unexpected twist to his biography by launching a solo musical career. His latest album De sombras y sueños has achieved critical acclaim and a loyal following at live concerts across the country.

lara belloLara Bello (Granada, 1980) - Singer

This Granada-born musician is rapidly becoming a much needed musical ambassador for Andalusia with her album Niña Pez. From Granada to New York, New York to Palestine, and Japan to Syria… Lara Bello doesn’t hang around in one place for long as her music takes her around the world. In 2010 her album attained 46th place in the 2010 World Music Charts Europe: top amongst Spanish musicians.

zaharaZahara (Úbeda, 1984) - Singer

The title of her hit album La fabulosa historia de… is almost as long as the list of places where this Ubeda-born musician has played in 2010. She’s performed at hundreds of gigs in bars, venues, clubs and even our very own rooftop bringing her sweet voice and musical talent wherever she goes. Her collaborations with bands such as Love of Lesbian have only added to the musical journey.



Pon tu propia imagen con Gravatar
El 29 March 2011 a las 1:14 AM, Iván Salvía dijo...

Muchísimas gracias por este reconocimiento a todos los lectores de Tertulia Andaluza.

Pon tu propia imagen con Gravatar
El 29 March 2011 a las 2:28 AM, Jose dijo...

Qué grande Lapido

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El 5 January 2012 a las 3:46 AM, Loren dijo...

That hits the target perfctely. Thanks!

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