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Andalusia Top 5 - May 2010 - Creative Minds

In collaboration with Sol Channel we’re proud to present our first Andalusia Top 5 video podcast. This month we’ll be presenting five creative minds from the realms of literature, comic art, cinema, music and photography who we think you should know about. But that’s not all. Here are our top five recommendations for events in Andalusia during May 2010.

By: Tertulia Andaluza

guillermo rojasGuillermo Rojas (Cordoba [1]) - Film director and producer

After the success of the short film La Patrulla Perdida [2], the Cordoba-born director Gullermo Rojas and his production company Dosdecatorce are behind the short film Tchang. Directed by Gonzalo Visedo and Daniel Strombeck, the film tells the true story of two members of the ETA organization rescued on Mulhacen mountain in Sierra Nevada (Granada) by the Civil Guard. Tchang premiers in winter 2010.

carlos pacheco [3]Carlos Pacheco [3] (San Roque, Cadiz [4]) - Comic book artist

Our second creative mind is Carlos Pacheco a comic book artist born in San Roque (Cadiz) who has managed to cross the Atlantic with his work. Pacheco has reached the big time in the comic book world with drawings for comics such as Superman, The X-Men and The Fantastic Four. In June 2010 he presents the new saga of The Avengers, his latest work with Marvel Comics. Directed by Joss Whedon The Avengers are set to hit the big screen in 2012.

carlos sisiCarlos Sisí (Malaga [5]) - Writer and designer

Another Carlos, this time Carlos Sisí, is the third creative mind on the list. His debut book Los Caminantes [6], roughly translating as The Living Dead, is selling out across the country. In Los Caminantes the Malaga-born writer submerges us into a story filled with zombies. Set on the streets of Malaga and published by Dolmen, he’s been awarded the Imagina Malaga Award for New Writer in 2010 and is working on the second part of the saga due to popular demand.

hector garridoHéctor Garrido [7] (Huelva [8]) - Photographer

Our fourth creative mind is photographer Héctor Garrido [7]. The powerful images by this Huelva-born photographer draw us into the heart of Doñana Natural Park. Armonía Fractal is a collection of spectacular aerial photographs of the marshes of Doñana that show off the geometry hidden in nature. We recently joined him in on his monthly bird census in a light aircraft to watch him taking images from the sky. It’s incredible to see him in action. In 2010 his exhibition continues its journey through Spain.

Guadalupe PlataGuadalupe Plata [9] (Úbeda, Jaen [10]) - Music band

The band Guadalupe Plata came to our attention when they won the 2009 Andalusian Young Pop Rock Circuit. This gave them the kick-start they needed to launch the career of this band from Úbeda. Old-style blues and contemporary lyrics which they recently took on tour to the United States when they took part in the South by Southwest Festival in Austin (Texas). You can follow their blog Ecos del Pantano [11] at Tertulia Andaluza. Here’s a taster with their new video Pollo Podrido [12].

Events Guide [13] May 2010: Top 5 Events in Andalusia

top 5 events may 2010 malaga [14]

10 April - 20 June. Exhibition: Jonathan Meese [14] (Malaga [15])

The CAC Malaga [16] is currently showing an exhibition of work by German artist Jonathan Meese. An exhibition composed of paintings, collages, photography, ceramics, sculpture and performance by this controversial artist.

top 5 events may 2010 cordoba [17]

07 May - 15 May. Festival Música Entre Las Flores [17] (Cordoba [18])

Cordoba celebrates the music festival Música entre las Flores. Featuring musicians such as Jorge Drexler, Lori Meyers [19] and Toni Zenet [20], the concerts will take place in the beautiful Gardens of the Alcazar.

top 5 events may 2010 sevilla [21]

13 May - 13 June. Festival SevillaFoto 2010 [21] (Seville [22])
SevillaFoto opens in Seville on the 13th of May. A photography festival that includes exhibits, conferences, workshops and presentations by some of the most important photographers on the scene today, the festival will continue until the 14th of June.

top 5 events may 2010 granada [23]

15 May. Festival Extratonauta [23] (Granada [24])
Extratonauta Festival celebrates a another year of independent music in Granada. The bands Los Planetas, Sidonie, La Bien Querida and Ana Lógica are just some of the bands set to attract fans to the Coliseo Ciudad de Ararfe in the outskirts of the city.

top 5 events may 2010 cadiz [25]

04 June - 06 June. Festival: Euroglobe 2.0 [25] (Cadiz [26])
Commonplaces, Ledatres [27] and Úrsula [28] are just some of the Andalusian bands taking part at the Euroglobe 2.0 Festival in Cadiz. A music and film festival, Euroglobe 2.0 is part of the EU project Creative Culture Against Climate Change.

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