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Articles tagged ‘documentary’

In-box: January 2010 ( Tertulia Andaluza )Each and every day more and more publishers, record labels, writers and musicians send us their latest releases to populate our minds......
Sala Entresuelo - Granada ( Tertulia Andaluza )DJ’s, live music, exhibitions, presentations and film projections are all on offer at the Sala Entresuelo in the centre of......
Unexpected Surprises in Malaga Province ( Laura Gris )Airplane pilot training, driving a Formula One car, Chinese contemporary art or a lunar landscape in the Guadalhorce Valley. These are......
Avenida 5 Cines - Seville ( Cecilia Bogaard )What’s the best word to describe the Avenida 5 Cines in Seville? Independent. This is a cinema that’s stuck to it’s......
14-N-09: Winners of the Seville European Film Festival 2009 ( Cecilia Bogaard )If you’re sick of crap-tacular blockbusters, the Seville European Film Festival was your chance to take a peek at cinema being......
Review: 3a (se necesita chica para trabajar) ( José Lorenzo Benítez )Facing the prospect of getting old seems less scary when viewed through the eyes of Oscar Clemente. The young director has managed to......

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