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Articles tagged ‘museums’

Seville for 10 euros ( Tertulia Andaluza )Do you sometimes feel as if it’s impossible to step out of the house without it costing a fortune? If you’re looking for a fresh......
Casa Colón - Huelva ( Alejandro Amores )The old Hotel Colón has been converted into a cultural centre including several multi-purpose rooms and a theatre. Today it acts as......
Andalucia’s Museum of Memory - Granada ( Tertulia Andaluza )An interactive museum suitable for all ages, Andalucia’s Museum of Memory in Granada was created in celebration of the Andalusia......
Royal School of Cavalry in Ronda - Ronda (Malaga) ( Tertulia Andaluza )More than simply a famous bullring, this is the base camp for a foundation working hard to promote culture from the vantage point of......
Julio Romero de Torres Museum - Cordoba ( Tertulia Andaluza )The work of the famed painter Julio Romero de Torres born in Cordoba is honoured at this museum that takes his name. Most famous for......
Museum of Malaga ( Tertulia Andaluza )There are plenty of museums in Malaga. This one was set up to display the constant archaeological discoveries in the area around the......

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