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Articles tagged ‘news’

Tertulia Andaluza on Canal Sur News ( Cecilia Bogaard )The magazine was part of a special report dedicated to women managing to work and survive from their business online in Andalusia.......
News: Tertulia Andaluza in El Caminante ( Cecilia Bogaard )The supplement El Caminante in El Mundo published an article today about Tertulia Andaluza, “a website not to be missed”.......
Bacchus 2010: several Andalusian wines win awards ( Tertulia Andaluza )Bacchus 2010, the international wine competition held in Madrid from the 12th to the 16th of March has included several Andalusian......
14-F-10: Winners of the 2010 Goya Awards ( Tertulia Andaluza )Celda 211 won Best Film, while Ágora by Amenábar unsurprisingly won big at this year’s Goya awards. The Andalusian productions......
02-F-10: The Lady and The Reaper nominated for Best Short Animated Film at the Oscars ( Tertulia Andaluza )The animation directed by Javier Recio and produced by Kandor Moon takes Andalusia to the Kodak Theatre in LA. ...
14-N-09: Winners of the Seville European Film Festival 2009 ( Cecilia Bogaard )If you’re sick of crap-tacular blockbusters, the Seville European Film Festival was your chance to take a peek at cinema being......

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