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Articles tagged ‘restaurant’

Competition: Dinner at Miss Noruega ( Tertulia Andaluza )Take part before the 15th December 2012 and you could win a free dinner for two at Miss Noruega in Malaga. Another competition from......
Gastrobar Miss Noruega - Malaga ( Tertulia Andaluza )Traditional tapas, oriental food with a twist, wine tastings and a fabulous wine selection combine with art. Located on calle......
Hotel Alcoba del Rey de Sevilla - Seville ( Cecilia Bogaard )In contrast to the usual, white, minimalist interiors favoured by most boutique hotels, the Alcoba del Rey de Sevilla has opted for a......
Top 5 Romantic Hotels 2012 ( Laura Gris )If you feel like whisking your loved one away for a romantic getaway in Andalusia, Valentine’s Day is always a good excuse. But......
Escuela de Turismo y Hostelería El Casino de Ronda ( T. de la Rosa )After eight long years of battle and in response to popular demand, a local business association has managed to launch a school sorely......
Marbella: Travel Notes ( Irene Ríos )Lurking behind the cliché of Marbella as the centre of glitz, glam and celebrity wannabes, is a city surrounded by spectacular......

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