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Articles tagged ‘rota’

Black Flags on the beaches of Andalusia in 2011 ( B. A. Etxaniz )This year Almeria takes the biscuit in this utterly depressing report compiled by Ecologists in Action. Meanwhile the number of Black......
Berza roteña ( Lourdes Camacho )Cuisine from Rota lures us back to the table once again with the ideal winter dish for those who aren’t afraid to get their hands......
Black Flags on the beaches of Andalusia in 2010 ( Zoe Martín )Check out this list of beaches that have been marked by black flags by Ecologists in Action this year. The Black Flag: a symbol used......
La Calabaza Mecánica - Rota (Cadiz) ( Tertulia Andaluza )Pure rock. Add a bit of pop, reggae, hip hop and flamenco, and you’ve made an explosive cocktail that, put simply, creates a......
La Hoguera ( Cecilia Bogaard )Mix the powerful flamenco voice of Inma Mora with Cuban rhythms, bossas, tangos and bulerías, and the concoction can only taste like......
Caballo Turrón Cocktail ( Narciso Santamaría 'Chicho' - Coctelería Dardo )It tastes like melted turrón* and although it doesn’t really fall under the category of aperitif, is can be considered a luxury......

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